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a7ex/xcresultparser 1.1.3
Parse the binary xcresult bundle from Xcode builds and testruns
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🕓 6 weeks ago
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The markdown parsing is broken/disabled for release notes. Sorry about that, I'm chasing the source of a crash that's been bringing this website down for the last couple of days.
Release 1.1.3
6 weeks ago
Changed format of test duration for sonar now from double to long
Release 1.1.2
6 weeks ago
(Kind of) Fixed the file paths in test results xml for sonarqube. Unfortunately I didn't find the file paths for the tests in the xcresult archive. Only the classnames of the test classes are exposed. So I use grep to find the file in the directory provided with the '-p' parameter. That will only work on the machine where the .xcresult file was created, because only there the files exist, which can be found by grep. - Fixed format of test duration for sonar - added -v to output tool version
Release 1.0.5
8 weeks ago
A small fix to improve relative paths to files in coverage xml.
Release 1.0.4
20 weeks ago
In order to add unit tests, a little rework was necessary, as executable swift packages don't work so well with unit tests. So now we have a CommandLineTool executable with uses the xcresultparser tool as library. That library can now be unit testet.
Release 1.0.3
21 weeks ago
Adds parameter to filter coverage targets
Release 1.0.1
41 weeks ago
Fixed broken html output
Release 1.0
41 weeks ago
It is a SPM now.
Version 0.2
42 weeks ago
Added unit test reports
Initial release
48 weeks ago
This is the initial release of this tool. For now it can interpret an xcresult archive in different ways: coloured CLI output, html, plain text or xml. It can also generate xml in Joint format and coverage data in generic xml format.
a7ex/FFSNetwork v2.0.4
Simple Network Stack which is request-centered
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🕓 25 weeks ago

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