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Brew Extension Client

This is a GUI Client of the swift package Zehua-Chen/brew-extension

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  • Adding and removing labels
  • Intelligent removal of dependencies
  • Marking a formulae as protected to prevent unintendded uninstallation

Solo Project

What I have learned

  • How to use Cocoapod
  • Basic ideas in RxSwift: Observables, Subjects, Drivers
  • Present and dismiss view controllers as sheets;
  • Using NSSplitView and NSSplitViewController (add children view controller, collapse children view controller);
  • Using NSTableView (selection, supplying view, row actions, ainmate row changes);
  • First responders, and how to send selectors to first responders using both Interface Builder and Swifth;
  • How to create a Core Data stack, and add, fetch and delete entities
  • Difference between command line and GUI application (learned by integrating Zehua-Chen/brew-extension)

Future Work


  • [x] Research Combine, RxSwift to devise a more elegant notification system
  • [x] Refactor the database types to be generic and consistant.
  • [ ] Research Dispatch and CoreData's multithreading mechanisms to improve multithreading operations


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0.2.0 - Aug 24, 2019

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0.1.0 - Aug 15, 2019

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