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Yubico/yubikit-ios 4.4.0
Yubico Mobile iOS SDK - YubiKit
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🕓 18 weeks ago
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The markdown parsing is broken/disabled for release notes. Sorry about that, I'm chasing the source of a crash that's been bringing this website down for the last couple of days.
YubiKit 4.4.0
18 weeks ago
- Added support for storing and reading compressed PIV certificates. - Fixes bug in error handling in getCertificateInSlot() in the YKFPIVSession. - Fixed missing iOS devices.
YubiKit 4.3.0
43 weeks ago
- Added USC-C support on iPads running iPadOS 16 using TKSmartCard. - Added support for using access key for YKFOATHSession. - Improved OATH error handling when saving a new account. - Colon character no longer allowed in OATH issuer. - More validation options when creating a YKFOATHCredentialTemplate. - didFailConnectingNFC will no longer be called if the connection was closed by calling stopNFCConection(). - Fixes issue where wrong error type was returned in various parts of the SDK. - YKFAccessoryConnection.accessoryDescription is no longer marked as deprecated.
YubiKit 4.2.0
1 year ago
- Fixed calculation of non-truncated HMAC signatures in OATH. - Fixed crash on iOS 15 when scanning OTP over NFC. - CoreNFC specified as weak framework fixing crash on devices not supporting NFC. - Fixed broken header file imports for static compiled libraries. - Bug fixes for PIN handling in FIDO2. - Replaced TKBERTLVRecord from CryptoTokenKit with own BERTLV implementation. This fixes issues on older iOS versions.
YubiKit 4.1.0
1 year ago
- Optional timestamp parameter added to OATH calculate and calculateAll methods. - Firmware version is now a public variable on `YKFManagementSession`. - If a connection is already present when setting the `YKFManagerDelegate` it will return that connection immideatly. - Extra dot at the end of `YKFVersion` string removed. - Fixed memory issues where we retained the `YKFManagerDelegate`. - Fixed issue where failing to unlock a key with passcode before sending an OATH command got the session in a non recoverable state. - Improved control over the messages displayed in the NFC dialog. - Added `- (void)dispatchBlockOnCommunicationQueue:(YKFConnectionControllerCommunicationQueueBlock)block` to `YKFConnectionControllerProtocol` that will run a block after all enqueued commands has finished. - Improved error handling in OATH session. - More robust algorithm comparison in PIV session. - Fixed bug where an auth required error was sent instead of touch timeout in OATH session. - Fixed bug where the number of OATH accounts you could read was limited to around 8 - Added new optional connection delegate method that will signal if the NFC dialog was cancelled by the user or timed out. - Swift package manager header files exluded from Cocoapod distribution. - Various array out of bounds checks - Improved error checks - Fixes bug where authenticateWithManagementKey in the YKFPIVSession would fail to call its completion handler upon failure. - Fixes broken implementation of non truncated OATH codes
YubiKit 4.0.0
2 years ago
This release breaks backwards compatibility with previous versions of the SDK. The reason for this is to make the SDK easier to integrate and also align better with Yubico's other SDKs in regards of naming conventions and concepts. Read the [transition guide](https://github.com/Yubico/yubikit-ios/blob/master/docs/transitioning-sdk-4.md) for more details. - Replaced KVO with a delegate protocol for monitoring changes in the YubiKey connection status. - `YKFNFCConnection` and `YKFAccessoryConnection` now represent the NFC and Accessory connections to the YubiKey. - The two `YKFConnections` provide the different `YKFSessions` used to communicate with the applications on the YubiKey, i.e `YKFOATHSession`, `YKFPIVSession`. - Replaced `YKFRawCommandService` with `YKFSmartCardInterface`, which adds functionality for automatically handling multipart responses from the YubiKey and improves error handling. - Added `YKFPIVSession` which allows the SDK to easily communicate with the PIV application on the YubiKey. - Rewrote the full stack tests to provide greater test coverage and a [good source of sample code](https://github.com/Yubico/yubikit-ios/tree/master/YubiKitTests/Tests). - iOS deployment target bumped to 11. - `YKFPCSC` and `YKFPCSCLayer` marked for future deprecation.
YubiKit 3.2.0
3 years ago
- Support for Swift Package Manager - Added support for renaming OATH credentials (supported by Yubikeys from version 5.3.1) - iPad Pro 4 and iPad Air with USB-C now correctly reports its capabilities in the SDK - Improved Base32 decoding
YubiKit 3.1.0
3 years ago
- Raw commands service `YKFKeyRawCommandService` now allows to specify timeouts on each command using `YKFKeyCommandConfiguration` in case if user wants to speed up communication with YubiKey or getting timeouts on execution of specific command. - Reduced default timeout between sending command to YubiKey and receiving response from YubiKey in order to be more performant over Lightning. - This SDK version now provides `YKFKeyChallengeResponseService` which allows to calculate HMAC-SHA1 on pre-programmed YubiKey. Read more about usage of [Challenge-response](./docs/chr.md) - Added `YKFKeyMGMTService` which allows to check whether application is available on YubiKey. And can enable or disable interfaces/application on YubiKey (if they are available). Read more about usage of [management service](./docs/mgmt.md) - Fixes OATH credential parser for credentials that contain "\\" or ":". - Added `YKFKeyOATHService` method `selectOATHApplication` that provides response on selection of OATH applet. It contains firmware version which can be used as one of the methods to detect firmware version over NFC. - Improvements in YubiKitDemo application: U2F and FIDO2 in Other demo section now support NFC-Enabled YubiKeys.
YubiKit 3.0.0
3 years ago
Updated list of supported devices (and list of devices that doesn't support NFC) Improvements to NFC API: - Allows multiple tags to be scanned during one open `NFCSession` - Added method to customize NFC alert message at any state of NFC session (see `nfcScanAlertMessage` for initial text message, `nfcScanSuccessAlertMessage` and `setAlertMessage` for updating message when NFC session is already open) - Exposes `iso7816SessionError` to check the cause why session was closed Some improvements to OATH service: - Support YubiKey NEO that returns response without algorithm tag on applet selection - Allow to rename credentials that were scanned with QR code
YubiKit 3.0.0 Preview
3 years ago
To use YubiKit 3.0.0-Preview, the application needs to be compiled with Xcode 11 or newer (iOS 13 SDK). 3.0.0-Preview [2.0.1 -> 3.0.0-Preview] This version now supports NFC-Enabled YubiKeys for FIDO2. Note: All NFC capabilities (except Yubico OTP) require iOS 13+ on the user's device. See NFC-Notes.md for more details on the addition of NFC support and notable changes to the key sessions. The YubiKit 3.0.0-Preview adds support for ISO 7816 tags which allows your application to use the FIDO2 functionality of the YubiKey over NFC on devices running iOS 13 or newer. The FIDO2 protocol implementation now supports any NFC-Enabled YubiKey, in addition to the YubiKey 5Ci. The library provides examples for implementing FIDO2 over an accessory (YubiKey 5Ci) or NFC. In addition, the YubiKit Demo application provides an end-to-end solution for both protocols. Adds support for OATH protocol over NFC on devices running iOS 13 or newer. Also wraps and simplifies raw APDU communication with NFC-Enabled YubiKeys. Note: There are some breaking changes. See Refactoring Changes section under NFC-Notes.md
YubiKit 2.0.1
4 years ago
#### 2.0.1 [2.0.0 -> 2.0.1] - Fixed an edge case for CCID when the WTX responses are concatenated with the payload. This issue mostly affects the calculation of OATH credentials with touch. - Added the possibility to attach a custom application logger to process the library logs. For more details check the `Examples/CustomLogger` in the YubiKit Demo application. - Several other improvements to OATH, including the possibility to create OATH credentials without issuer and the ability to read and add credentials with 7 digits.

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