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WezSieTato/DataDrivenTesting 1.0.0
A Swift package that provides data-driven testing functionality for your project.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/WezSieTato/DataDrivenTesting.git", from: "1.0.0")


A Swift package that provides data-driven testing functionality for your project.

Tests Lint CocoaPods Compatible


To run a test with data-driven testing, you just need to run dataTests method on your test case:

@testable import DataDrivenTesting
import XCTest

final class DataDrivenTests: XCTestCase {
    func testDescriptionFromInteger() {
            TestData((input: 1, expected: "1")),
            TestData((input: 2, expected: "2")),
        ]) { testData, _ in
            let result = testData.data.input.description

            XCTAssertEqual(result, testData.data.expected, file: testData.file, line: testData.line)

This will run the test for each data from array using passed closure. To get more readable test results, you can check Report Navigator in Xcode. It will show you all test cases with data that was used to run them.

Report Navigator with default activity name

Passing file and line parameters to XCTAssertEqual is optional, but it will help you to find the failing test case in the code.

Failing test

You can also change default activity name by passing name as a second parameter to TestData struct:

    func testSumOfInt() {
            .init(([], 0), name: "Empty array"),
            .init(([1], 1), name: "One value in array"),
            .init(([2,3], 5), name: "Two values in array"),

        ]) { testData, activity in
            let result = testData.data.0.reduce(0, +)

            XCTAssertEqual(result, testData.data.1, file: testData.file, line: testData.line)

Which will result in Report Navigator like this:

Report Navigator with custom activity name

If you need add any attachments to your test case, you can use XCTActivity parameter in closure:

    private struct CEO: Encodable {
        let firstName: String
        let lastName: String

    func testUsingActivity() {
            TestData(CEO(firstName: "Steve", lastName: "Jobs")),
            TestData(CEO(firstName: "Tim", lastName: "Cook")),
        ]) { testData, activity in
            let json = try! JSONEncoder().encode(testData.data)

            let attachment = XCTAttachment(data: json)
            attachment.lifetime = .keepAlways


  • Swift 5.4+
  • Xcode 9.0+



⚠️ Warning: By default, Xcode will try to add the DataDrivenTesting package to your project's main application/framework target. Please ensure that DataDrivenTesting is added to a test target instead, as documented in the last step, below.

  1. From the File menu, navigate through Swift Packages and select Add Package Dependency….
  2. Enter package repository URL: https://github.com/WezSieTato/DataDrivenTesting
  3. Confirm the version and let Xcode resolve the package
  4. On the final dialog, update DataDrivenTesting's Add to Target column to a test target that will contain data tests (if you have more than one test target, you can later add DataDrivenTesting to them by manually linking the library in its build phase)

Swift Package Manager

If you want to use DataDrivenTesting in any other project that uses SwiftPM, add the package as a dependency in Package.swift:

dependencies: [
    url: "https://github.com/WezSieTato/DataDrivenTesting",
    from: "1.0.0"

Next, add DataDrivenTesting as a dependency of your test target:

targets: [
  .target(name: "MyApp"),
    name: "MyAppTests",
    dependencies: [
      .product(name: "DataDrivenTesting", package: "DataDrivenTesting"),


If you want to use DataDrivenTesting in any other project that uses CocoaPods, add the package as a dependency in Podfile:

pod 'DataDrivenTesting', '~> 1.0'


This library is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.


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Release Notes

First release: 1.0.0
1 year ago

🎉 I'm excited to announce the first stable release of DataDrivenTesting, a Swift package that provides data-driven testing functionality for your project. 🎉

With this release, developers can now easily test their code using multiple sets of data and get more readable test results in Xcode's Report Navigator.

Features in this release include:

  • Ability to run data-driven tests using dataTests method
  • Option to change the default activity name
  • Possibility to add attachments to the test case using XCTActivity
  • Compatible with Swift 5.4+ and Xcode 9.0+

I hope that this package will simplify the testing process and make it easier for developers to catch bugs and edge cases. We encourage users to try it out and let us know what they think.

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