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WalletConnect/WalletConnectSwift 1.6.2
WalletConnect Swift SDK
⭐️ 187
🕓 24 weeks ago
🔖 Release Notes


The markdown parsing is broken/disabled for release notes. Sorry about that, I'm chasing the source of a crash that's been bringing this website down for the last couple of days.
v1.6.2 - Update dependencies
24 weeks ago
## What's Changed * Update dependencies by @DmitryBespalov in https://github.com/WalletConnect/WalletConnectSwift/pull/84 * Delayed close by @DmitryBespalov in https://github.com/WalletConnect/WalletConnectSwift/pull/92 * Moved the Example apps to https://github.com/WalletConnect/WalletConnectSwift-Example **Full Changelog**: https://github.com/WalletConnect/WalletConnectSwift/compare/1.6.0...1.6.2
v1.6.0 - Add support of eip-1559
34 weeks ago
Align with latest changes in protocol
45 weeks ago
- Take chainId into consideration - Add new Server and Client delegate methods - Technical improvements
v1.4.0 update CryptoSwift version
1 year ago
Stability improvements
1 year ago
Fixed #38 - crash when delegate was deinitialized but still used in forced unwrapping
Support deep link scheme in ClientMeta
1 year ago
- Add "scheme" parameter to ClientMeta for proper deep links handling - Make request ids compatible with JS clients
Protocol adjustments
1 year ago
- Protocol adjustments - Fixing Carthage - Improve logging - Fixing example apps
First public release
2 years ago
iOS macOS
WalletConnect/WalletConnectSwiftV2 0.5.0
WalletConnect Swift SDK v2
⭐️ 76
🕓 13 weeks ago
🔖 Release Notes


The markdown parsing is broken/disabled for release notes. Sorry about that, I'm chasing the source of a crash that's been bringing this website down for the last couple of days.
13 weeks ago
## What's Changed * #26 push notification support by @llbartekll in https://github.com/WalletConnect/WalletConnectSwiftV2/pull/79 * #11 auto/manual socket connection by @llbartekll in https://github.com/WalletConnect/WalletConnectSwiftV2/pull/66 * #67 remove controller flag by @llbartekll in https://github.com/WalletConnect/WalletConnectSwiftV2/pull/68 * Rejection reasons by @llbartekll in https://github.com/WalletConnect/WalletConnectSwiftV2/pull/70 * Remove client name by @llbartekll in https://github.com/WalletConnect/WalletConnectSwiftV2/pull/71 * #54 Public account type by @MisterVants in https://github.com/WalletConnect/WalletConnectSwiftV2/pull/65 * #17 engine responses by @MisterVants in https://github.com/WalletConnect/WalletConnectSwiftV2/pull/72 * Remove unused secure storage by @MisterVants in https://github.com/WalletConnect/WalletConnectSwiftV2/pull/75 * #74 extract kms by @llbartekll in https://github.com/WalletConnect/WalletConnectSwiftV2/pull/76 * fix inconsistency with js sdk by @llbartekll in https://github.com/WalletConnect/WalletConnectSwiftV2/pull/78 **Full Changelog**: https://github.com/WalletConnect/WalletConnectSwiftV2/compare/0.4.0...0.5.0
15 weeks ago
## What's Changed * #35 Update permission checks by @MisterVants in https://github.com/WalletConnect/WalletConnectSwiftV2/pull/45 * Fix some build warnings and typos by @hewigovens in https://github.com/WalletConnect/WalletConnectSwiftV2/pull/47 * register background task by @llbartekll in https://github.com/WalletConnect/WalletConnectSwiftV2/pull/42 * Make `WalletConnectURI` public by @hewigovens in https://github.com/WalletConnect/WalletConnectSwiftV2/pull/53 * Example Apps by @llbartekll in https://github.com/WalletConnect/WalletConnectSwiftV2/pull/48 * #49 improve sample dapp by @llbartekll in https://github.com/WalletConnect/WalletConnectSwiftV2/pull/57 * #56 query record by id by @llbartekll in https://github.com/WalletConnect/WalletConnectSwiftV2/pull/59 * #50 Update error reason codes by @MisterVants in https://github.com/WalletConnect/WalletConnectSwiftV2/pull/58 * #36 Upgrade method permissions checks by @MisterVants in https://github.com/WalletConnect/WalletConnectSwiftV2/pull/62 * #28 universal linking by @llbartekll in https://github.com/WalletConnect/WalletConnectSwiftV2/pull/61 **Full Changelog**: https://github.com/WalletConnect/WalletConnectSwiftV2/compare/0.3.0...0.4.0
17 weeks ago
This release incorporates community feedback, and has several improvements. ## What's Changed * Buildable api documentation * Package separation * Networking layer improvements * Bind pairing engine responses by @MisterVants in https://github.com/WalletConnect/WalletConnectSwiftV2/pull/20 * Fast workaround fix for pairing responses by @MisterVants in https://github.com/WalletConnect/WalletConnectSwiftV2/pull/29 * Message signing by @llbartekll in https://github.com/WalletConnect/WalletConnectSwiftV2/pull/23 * #24 filter client sequences by @llbartekll in https://github.com/WalletConnect/WalletConnectSwiftV2/pull/25 * Engine request improvement by @MisterVants in https://github.com/WalletConnect/WalletConnectSwiftV2/pull/30 * #19 tests fix by @llbartekll in https://github.com/WalletConnect/WalletConnectSwiftV2/pull/32 * example app improvements by @llbartekll in https://github.com/WalletConnect/WalletConnectSwiftV2/pull/31 * Remove CryptoSwift by @hewigovens in https://github.com/WalletConnect/WalletConnectSwiftV2/pull/38 * #33 Validation for CAIP-2 and CAIP-10 by @MisterVants in https://github.com/WalletConnect/WalletConnectSwiftV2/pull/34 ## New Contributors * @hewigovens made their first contribution in https://github.com/WalletConnect/WalletConnectSwiftV2/pull/38 **Full Changelog**: https://github.com/WalletConnect/WalletConnectSwiftV2/compare/0.2.0...0.3.0
iOS macOS

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