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ZerzuraKit is a versatile framework for iOS and macOS that bundles a diverse set of methods and extensions into a streamlined package. Have at your disposal an extensive library of convenient methods that allow you to code intuitively and implement complex functionality using lightweight syntax.

:warning: WARNING :warning:

ZerzuraKit is currently under active development and is being distributed in a pre-release state with incomplete testing. Unexpected behavior is normal as functionality is refined. Please contribute by opening an issue!


  • [x] Color management methods for sRGB, HSV, Hex, and CMYK color spaces
  • [x] Quick address decoding and CLLocation data storage
  • [x] Date and TimeInterval string generation and localization
  • [x] C++ style unary and binary operators for computing/converting numbers
  • [x] Array subset, intersection, difference, and equivalence convenience methods
  • [ ] Abstract data types
    • [x] Bags
    • [ ] FIFOs
    • [ ] LIFOs (Stacks)
    • [ ] Multimaps
  • [x] Additional convenience methods and properties for modifying UI elements
  • [x] Quick image compression, resize, and asynchronous web fetch/display
  • [x] Precise determination of device region/locale


import ZerzuraKit

ZerzuraKit extends many existing Apple libraries and defines a few new classes of its own. Read documentation on how to use ZerzuraKit by visiting the ZerzuraKit wiki.



To integrate ZerzuraKit into your Xcode project using CocoaPods, specify it in your Podfile:

pod 'ZerzuraKit'

and run pod install.

Manually (Xcode 11+)

  • Clone this repository or download an .xcframework package from Releases.
  • Add ZerzuraKit.xcframework to your Xcode project under Frameworks, Libraries, and Embedded Content.


  • iOS 10+, watchOS 2.0+, tvOS 10+, or macOS 10.10+
  • Swift 5.1


MIT License


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v0.8.0 - Sep 8, 2019

Early pre-release, basic underlying functionality outlined and implemented, however much more to come.