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VakhoKontridze/VCore 4.2.0
VCore is a Swift collection containing objects, functions, and extensions that I use for my projects
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.package(url: "https://github.com/VakhoKontridze/VCore.git", from: "4.2.0")


Table of Contents


VCore is a Swift collection containing objects, functions, and extensions that I use for my projects.


Versions with different majors are not compatible.

Release Date VCore iOS macOS* tvOS* watchOS*
2022 09 14 4.0 13.0 10.15 13.0 6.0
2022 05 17 3.0 13.0 10.15 13.0 6.0
2021 12 28 2.0 13.0 - - -
2021 10 07 1.0 14.0 - - -

*Limited support


Package files are grouped as:

  • Services and Managers. Services, managers, controllers, and formatters. For instance, NetworkClient.

  • Views. Reusable non-scene Views, UIViews, and UIViewControllers. For instance BaseButtons.

  • Models. Reusable models. For instance, EdgeInsetss.

  • Helpers. Non-service, non-extension objects and methods. For instance, architectural pattern helpers.

  • Extensions. Global extensions. Methods and properties are grouped by frameworks of origin—Core Frameworks, Foundation, SwiftUI, UIKit, and AppKit (only for supporting underlying SwiftUI types).

  • Global Functions. Global functions. For instance, VCoreLog.

  • API. Objects used for interfacing from you app/package to VCore. For instances, VCoreLocalizationService.

Package incudes folder Extra, which contains:

  • XCode Templates. Templates that can be used for accelerating workflow. Currently, templates cover scenes and gateways. For more info, refer to documentation folder.

  • Objects and methods that cannot be included in the package as they require additional customization or access to AppDelegate/SceneDelegate.

Project includes folder Documentations, which contains:

  • Documentations and demo apps of UIKit/SwiftUI architectures

  • Documentation of CLEAN architecture


Package contains demo app, that can be used to test functionality of the package.


Swift Package Manager

Add https://github.com/VakhoKontridze/VCore as a Swift Package in Xcode and follow the instructions.


Major. Major changes, such as big overhauls

Minor. Minor changes, such as new objects, function, and extensions

Patch. Bug fixes and improvements


e-mail: [email protected]


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Release Notes

5 weeks ago


  • macOS 13.0 API is now exposed to macOS

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