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Awesome Swift helpers
.package(url: "https://github.com/VadimPavlov/Swifty.git", from: "swift4.0")


Obj-C Wrappers

Settings protocol

⚠️ Since Swift 5.1 use property wrapper @UserDefault ⚠️ Simple string-enum wrapper around UserDefaults:

enum UserSettingsKeys: String, CaseIterable, SettingKey {

    case language
    case tutorialShowed

    static var clearKeys: [UserSettingsKeys] {
        return allCases // keys to remove on logout for example

class UserSettings: Settings<UserSettingsKeys> {}

To read and write:

    let showed: Bool = settings[.tutorialShowed] ?? false
    settings[.tutorialShowed] = true

    settings[.language] = .dutch // where Language is RawRepresentable

Only supported types can be stored (check SettingValue). Also any Codable object:

    settings.set(user, key: .currentUser) // by default encoded as .plist
    let currentUser: User? = settings.object(.currentUser)

CoreData Primitives

⚠️ Since Swift 5.1 can be improved with @propertyWrapper ⚠️ Similar string-enum wrapper for primitives in CoreData:

   class FavoriteItem: NSManagedObject, Primitives {
       enum PrimitiveKey: String {
           case rating
           case type
       // optionals
       var rating: Int16? {
           set { self[.rating] = newValue }
           get { return self[.rating] }
       // RawRepresentable
       var type: FavoriteType? {
           set { self[.type] = newValue }
           get { return self[.type] }

Table & Collection Controllers

Boilerplate code for DataSource of TableView & CollectionView can be simplied to:

    // where MyCell is a prototype in Storyboard 
    let controller = TableController<String, MyCell>(tableView: self.tableView) { cell, item in
        cell.textLabel?.text = item
    // DataProvider is ExpressibleByArrayLiteral
    controller.update(provider: ["one", "two", "three"]) // aka reload data

Flexibility of DataProvider:

    // single section with 3 rows
    let provider = DataProvider([1, 2, 3]) 
    // multiple section with optional titles
    let section1 = Section(title: "First", objects: [0,1,2]) // 3 rows
    let section2 = Section(title: "Second", objects: [3,4])  // 2 rows
    let provider = DataProvider(sections: [section1, section2])
    // NSFetchedResultsController and even PHFetchResult is supported
    let provider = DataProvider(frc: frc)

CoreData support:

    // by default FRCTableController will listen to changes in context and do batch updates
    let frc = NSFetchedResultsController(fetchRequest: request, managedObjectContext: context, sectionNameKeyPath: nil, cacheName: nil)
    let controller = FRCTableController<CoreDataEntity, EntityCell>(tableView: self.tableView, frc: frc) { cell, entity in
        cell.update(with: entity)







⚠️ Since Swift 5.1 use Combine's Publisher ⚠️


⚠️ Since Swift 5.1 use Combine's Future ⚠️



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