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Secure, unique, and configurable ID generator

SwiftPM compatible Cocoapods compatible GitHub release Swift 5.1 platforms Build Status

Nano ID

Another Swift implementation of Nano ID. This borrows heavily from https://github.com/antiflasher/NanoID, which seems to have been abandoned.


// Create an ID generator using the default alphabet, size, and randomizer
let id = ID()

// Generate a 21 character id (21 is the default size)

// Generate a 10 character id
id.generate(size: 10) 

// Generate a 5 character id containing only numeric characters
id.generate(alphabet: .numeric, size: 5) 

// Generate a 5 character id containing only symbols
id.generate(alphabet: .symbols, size: 5)

// Generate a secure 10 character id
id.generate(size: 5, randomizer: ID.Randomizers.secure)


There are two implementations provided: Secure and ARC4Random (aliased as Insecure). The Secure implementation uses CryptoKit to for randomization. If those don't satisfy your requirements, you can provide your own implementation of RandomizerProtocol.


There are several alphabets included: numeric, alphaLower, alphaUpper, alphaNumeric, symbols, urlSafe, and full. You can easily create others, which only requires initializing the Alphabet struct with one or more strings.

Example custom alphabet

extension ID.Alphabet {
  public static var abc123 = Self(.abc123)
extension String {
  internal static var abc123 = "abc123" 


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