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The-TONE-Knows-Inc/ToneLibrary 7.0.1
Tone Library
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.package(url: "https://github.com/The-TONE-Knows-Inc/ToneLibrary.git", from: "7.0.1")

Tone Framework

A Swift package for working with AudioKIK and allows to perceive and filter tones (frequencies)


  • Swift 5.3+
  • IOS 13+


import ToneListen

// Instance tone framework by passing client ID
let toneFramework = ToneFramework(clientID: {{ Your client ID }})

//Start listen service:

//To stop service:

//If you need to be notified when a valid tone was caught, you will need to subscribe to 'notificationName' from NotificationHandler:

// By publishing this property we can ensure that our subscriber (notificationName) will be
// re-rendered when the property changes (i.e. whenever there's a new notification)
@Published var newNotification: String? {
    didSet {
        guard notifiedValue != nil else { return }            

notificationSub = NotificationCenter.default.publisher(for: NotificationsHandler.notificationName)
            .map { notification in notification.object as? String }   // Transform the notification into a simple string
            .assign(to: \notifiedValue, on: self)  // Assign the msg to a property using a keypath

// 'notifiedValue' saves an URL or PhoneNumber (string), depending what tone was caught. 


You need to add "Background modes" capabilites to your proyect to allow use microphone and other services in background.

Also you need to add frecuencies_table.json to your project.


Swift Package Manager

Add the ToneLibrary package to your target dependencies in Package.swift:

import PackageDescription

let package = Package(
  name: "YourProject",
  dependencies: [
        url: "https://github.com/The-TONE-Knows-Inc/ToneLibrary",
        from: "TonelibraryV3"


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