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Tencent/wcdb v2.1.2
WCDB is a cross-platform database framework developed by WeChat.
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🕓 3 weeks ago
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WCDB 2.1.2
3 weeks ago
* Some bugfix for data compression * Fix compile error of WCDB Objc on Carthage * Fix compile error of WCDB C++ when built as a CMake submodule
WCDB 2.1.1
6 weeks ago
* Some bugfix for WCDB C++ and WCDB Swift * Fix compile error on Mac Catalyst
WCDB 2.1.0
6 weeks ago
* Add WCDB Java/Kotlin * Support data compression * Support incremental data backup * Support to configure a filter condition for data migration * Support to use std::optional and std::shared_ptr in C++ ORM * C++ ORM supports inheritance * Add more monitoring capabilities * WCDB Swift supports Swift Package Manager
WCDB 2.0.4
34 weeks ago
* Support to asynchronously interrupt database operations * Optimize the handle management mechanism * Some bugfix for WCDB C++ in Windows
WCDB 2.0.3
37 weeks ago
* Transaction supports nesting * Some bug fix for data migration * Fix compile error in new Xcode
44 weeks ago
* Fix compile issue caused by header
WCDB 2.0.2
45 weeks ago
* WCDB C++ supports Windows * Optimize C++ ORM performance * Downgrade the minimum supported system version for iPhone
WCDB 2.0.1
51 weeks ago
* Support databases created by old versions of sqlcipher * Fix crash of WCDB Swift in x86 emulator * Support insertOrIgnore
WCDB 2.0.0
1 year ago
* Add WCDB C++ * New implementation of WCDB Swift * New implementation of Winq * New implementation of database repair * Support data migration * Support FTS5
WCDB 1.1.0
1 year ago
#### iOS/macOS * Support Swift 5 for Xcode 14. * Fix compile error for SQLCipher 4.1.0. * Fix some bug.
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