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The main purpose of this repository is to illustrate the use of best practices and tooling when it comes to maintaining a Swift package as an Open Source project on github.com

  • Use SwiftLint to enforce code style, see swiftlint.yml
  • Use Markups and Jazzy to generate documentation from code, see jazzy.yaml
  • Check code style on every pull request with Hound, see hound.yml
    • Attention: requires that GitHub organization has respective Hound GitHub app installed!
  • Build and test the Swift package for every push / pull request leveraging GitHub [workflow / actions], see swift.yml
  • Monitor code coverage for every pull request with CodeCov, see codecov.yml and swift.yml
  • Run UI tests (as part of a separate test app) for every push / pull request leveraging GitHub workflow / actions, see TestApp.yml
  • Schedule a daily job to close stale issues with help of GitHub workflow / actions, see scheduled.yml
  • PR utilities like automatic rebase which can be triggered by commenting PR; powered by GitHub action
  • Use templates for issues and pull requests, see ISSUE_TEMPLATE.md and PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE.md
  • Define code owners which get automatically requested for code review on a pull request, see CODEOWNERS
  • Automatic versioning and changelog generation with the help of conventional commits and tooling

FYI: the first release was created manually with command

npx standard-version --first-release


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