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X3DH key agreement protocol in Swift based on libsodium
.package(url: "https://github.com/TICESoftware/X3DH.git", from: "2.0.9")


This package implements the X3DH key agreement protocol in Swift. The cryptographic operations are provided by libsodium entirely.



.package(url: "https://github.com/TICESoftware/X3DH.git", .upToNextMajor(from: "2.0.0"))

In order to build the library it is necessary to link libsodium. The official repository includes scripts to build binaries for specific platforms.

swift build -Xcc -I[header search path] -Xlinker -L[binary path]

When using Xcode you can set the header search path manually to include the libsodium header files and link the static libsodium library.


pod 'X3DH'

This uses Sodium as a dependency which includes the pre-compiled libsodium library. No further setup necessary.


Alice needs to retrieve some public keys from Bob that he has made public previously. She then calculates a shared secret and sends some information to Bob so that he can calculcate the shared secret on his side as well.

let preKeySigner = // ... Signing the key is not part of this library
let prekeySignatureVerifier = // ... and neither is verification

let bob = X3DH()
let bobIdentityKeyPair = try bob.generateIdentityKeyPair()
let bobSignedPrekey = try bob.generateSignedPrekeyPair(signer: { ... })
let bobOneTimePrekey = try bob.generateOneTimePrekeyPairs(count: 2)

let alice = X3DH()
let aliceIdentityKeyPair = try alice.generateIdentityKeyPair()
let aliceSignedPrekey = try alice.generateSignedPrekeyPair(signer: { ... })
// [Alice fetches bob's prekey bundle]
let keyAgreementInitiation = try alice.initiateKeyAgreement(remoteIdentityKey: bobIdentityKeyPair.publicKey, remotePrekey: bobSignedPrekey.keyPair.publicKey, prekeySignature: bobSignedPrekey.signature, remoteOneTimePrekey: bobOneTimePrekey.first!.publicKey, identityKeyPair: aliceIdentityKeyPair, prekey: aliceSignedPrekey.keyPair.publicKey, prekeySignatureVerifier: { ... }, info: "Example")

// [Alice sends identity key, ephemeral key and used one-time prekey to bob]
let sharedSecret = try bob.sharedSecretFromKeyAgreement(remoteIdentityKey: aliceIdentityKeyPair.publicKey, remoteEphemeralKey: keyAgreementInitiation.ephemeralPublicKey, usedOneTimePrekeyPair: bobOneTimePrekey.first!, identityKeyPair: bobIdentityKeyPair, prekeyPair: bobSignedPrekey.keyPair, info: "Example")


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