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This package implements the X3DH key agreement protocol in Swift. The cryptographic operations are provided by libsodium entirely.


Alice needs to retrieve some public keys from Bob that he has made public previously. She then calculates a shared secret and sends some information to Bob so that he can calculcate the shared secret on his side as well.

let preKeySigner = // ... Signing the key is not part of this library
let prekeySignatureVerifier = // ... and neither is verification

let bob = X3DH()
let bobIdentityKeyPair = try bob.generateIdentityKeyPair()
let bobSignedPrekey = try bob.generateSignedPrekeyPair(signer: { ... })
let bobOneTimePrekey = try bob.generateOneTimePrekeyPairs(count: 2)

let alice = X3DH()
let aliceIdentityKeyPair = try alice.generateIdentityKeyPair()
let aliceSignedPrekey = try alice.generateSignedPrekeyPair(signer: { ... })
// [Alice fetches bob's prekey bundle]
let keyAgreementInitiation = try alice.initiateKeyAgreement(remoteIdentityKey: bobIdentityKeyPair.publicKey, remotePrekey: bobSignedPrekey.keyPair.publicKey, prekeySignature: bobSignedPrekey.signature, remoteOneTimePrekey: bobOneTimePrekey.first!.publicKey, identityKeyPair: aliceIdentityKeyPair, prekey: aliceSignedPrekey.keyPair.publicKey, prekeySignatureVerifier: { ... }, info: "Example")

// [Alice sends identity key, ephemeral key and used one-time prekey to bob]
let sharedSecret = try bob.sharedSecretFromKeyAgreement(remoteIdentityKey: aliceIdentityKeyPair.publicKey, remoteEphemeralKey: keyAgreementInitiation.ephemeralPublicKey, usedOneTimePrekeyPair: bobOneTimePrekey.first!, identityKeyPair: bobIdentityKeyPair, prekeyPair: bobSignedPrekey.keyPair, info: "Example")


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