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's for iOS for SyncServerII


The main iOS package for sign-ins for SyncServerII. The system underlying Neebla (Neeblablablah to you Bushy!).

Enables access to various integrated sign-ins (e.g., Dropbox, Facebook). It doesn't specifically connect with the SyncServerII network API. That is, the results generated by the SignInManagerDelegate defined in this package reflect the state of the UI and the state of specific signin's (e.g., iOSDropbox, iOSFacebook) and not the state of the SyncServer or the SyncServer network API.

To tap on invitation links, add URL Type: <AppBundleId>.invitation, for example: biz.SpasticMuffin.SharedImages.invitation to your iOS app in Xcode.


Handle invitations

Invitation "URL"s

Invitations being given from UI/text field source.