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Coding Standard

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Final interface, ::class Constant and other useful Checkers for PHP-CS-Fixer and PHP_CodeSniffer.

Easy Coding Standard

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The best and easiest way to start coding standard with. Combined both PHP-CS-Fixer and PHP_CodeSniffer.

Used by Shopsys, Nette, Sylius, LMC and Sunfox.


Statie - www.statie.org

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Statie helps you to host and develop your blog on Github. A static site generator with aim on community websites.

Pehapkari.cz (Github repo) and TomasVotruba.cz (Github repo).

Other Utils Packages

You'll find them all in /packages directory:


Fork, clone your repository and install dependencies:

git clone git@github.com:<your-name>/Symplify.git
cd Symplify
composer update


This is a monolithic repository for Symplify packages. Put all your PRs and ISSUEs here.

3 Steps to Contribute

  • 1 feature per pull-request

  • New feature needs tests

  • Tests and static analysis must pass:

    composer complete-check
    # coding standard issues? fix with
    composer fix-cs

We would be happy to merge your feature then.


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v4.5.0 - Jul 14, 2018

For more, see CHANGELOG v4.5

v4.0.0 - Apr 2, 2018

See CHANGELOG.md for all the added, changed and removed features.

v3.2.0 - Feb 25, 2018

All Relase updated are to be found in CHANGELOG.md from now on.

For this release, see CHANGELOG.md - 3.2

v2.5.11 - Jan 2, 2018

  • [CodingStandard] Fix version constraint for php-cs-fixer (#496).
  • [CodingStandard] Fix DynamicPropertySniff to work with traits (#516).

v3.0.1 - Dec 10, 2017


  • https://github.com/Symplify/Symplify/commit/258097fb456d8ad414d94275af77c4b1c6f1aff6 [Statie] fixed missing CNAME

  • https://github.com/Symplify/Symplify/commit/eea0b88b10be7c8f862d4af9b2e1949c4ce6fdcd, https://github.com/Symplify/Symplify/commit/117284a6eaa86d5229e593a563669abbdfab27a0 [EasyCodingStandard] fixed error line sorting

  • https://github.com/Symplify/Symplify/commit/3a09c6837d821b6b1c9b460cf0ee1c1507df54e5 [TokenRunner] fixed missing @var on property


  • https://github.com/Symplify/Symplify/commit/3fce4e4168a67efe3d7e19be5fd8dc231d352c76 [EasyCodingStandard] use PhpCsFixer\Differ\UnifiedDiffer including line numbers instead of custom solution

Full diff: https://github.com/Symplify/Symplify/compare/v3.0.0...v3.0.1