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Swrve/swrve-ios-sdk v4.1.1
Swrve iOS SDK
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🕓 2 years ago
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The markdown parsing is broken/disabled for release notes. Sorry about that, I'm chasing the source of a crash that's been bringing this website down for the last couple of days.
10 weeks ago
**Features** * To improve campaign holdout reporting on in-app message and embedded campaigns, the SDK now sends an impression event. * Added a new action to in-app message campaigns that automatically directs a user to the app’s notification settings page when they click a button. This is a useful option for getting the user to grant permission if they previously denied the permission prompt. * Added a new action to in-app message campaigns that automatically launches the Swrve Geo SDK, prompting the user to grant location permission. * Added NUMERIC conditions support to in-app message triggering logic.
18 weeks ago
**Features** * Added support for sending an event or user property update when a user engages with an in-app message. For more information, see [In-app messages](https://docs.swrve.com/user-documentation/campaigns/campaign-builder/content/in-app-message/#additional_data).
22 weeks ago
**Features** * Realtime user properties are now updated before displaying in-app campaigns from push notifications.
27 weeks ago
**Features** * Added CONTAINS conditions support to in-app message triggering logic.
29 weeks ago
**Features** * Added a new object called SwrveMessageCenterDetails to expose the subject, description, and image icon of a message center campaign. For more information, see [Swrve Message Center API](https://docs.swrve.com/developer-documentation/api-guides/swrve-message-center-api-guide/). * Added a new API called downloadDate to get the download date of a message center campaign. **Fixes** * Fixed public access reference for file UINavigationController+KeyboardResponderFix.h for tvOS framework.
34 weeks ago
**Features** * In-app messages now support displaying animated GIFs as the background or button image format, using SDWebImage Library. For more information, see In-app messages. * Added an API to retrieve the name of an in-app message campaign via the Message Center API. * The SwrveCustomButtonPressedCallback and SwrveDismissButtonPressedCallback APIs now contain an extra string argument for the campaign name.
43 weeks ago
**Fixes** * Fixed a class import issue in SwrveImage that causes a build failure.
45 weeks ago
**Fixes** * Fixed accessibility labelling for images with partially transparent backgrounds by setting UIAccessibilityTraitNone to avoid addition of unnecessary OS voice over and text recognition content. Added hint text to assign the role, button, or image.
46 weeks ago
**Features** * Added support for multiple pages of in-app messages within a single in-app message campaign. * Added accessibility text support for in-app messages. * Added OR conditions support to in-app message triggering logic.
1 year ago
**Features** * Added support for custom text styling, padding, fonts, and line height for in-app messages. 
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