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Swiftgram/TDLibFramework 1.8.3-e65c0827
TDLib for iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS packed in XCFramework and SPM.
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iOS macOS watchOS tvOS
.package(url: "https://github.com/Swiftgram/TDLibFramework.git", from: "1.8.3-e65c0827")



Project contains pre-compiled TDLib binary for iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS and simulators in .xcframework bundle.

If you're looking for pure Swift library, check out TDLibKit


Xcode (SPM)

  1. Install Xcode 12.5+
  2. Add https://github.com/Swiftgram/TDLibFramework as SPM dependency in Project > Swift Packages. This could take a while cause it downloads ~300mb zip file with xcframework.
  3. Add TDLibFramework as your target dependency.
  4. Add libz.1.tbd and libc++.1.tbd as your target dependencies.
  5. If something is not accesible from TDLibFramework, make sure to add libSystem.B.tbd for all platforms and libc++abi.tbd if you're building non-macOS app. Source
  6. Code!

Cocoapods & Flutter

See Wiki page


Create client

let client: UnsafeMutableRawPointer! = td_json_client_create()

Make request object

let request = ["@type": "getTextEntities", "text": "@telegram /test_command https://telegram.org telegram.me", "@extra": ["5", 7.0, "\\u00e4"]] as [String: Any]

JSON Serialization and Deserialization

Small example for helper functions you will need to talk with TDLib

func dictToJSONString(_ dictionary: [String: Any]) -> String {
    let dictionaryData = try! JSONSerialization.data(withJSONObject: dictionary)
    return String(data: dictionaryData, encoding: .utf8)!

func JSONStringToDict(_ string: String) -> [String: Any] {
    let responseData = string.data(using: .utf8)!
    return try! JSONSerialization.jsonObject(with: responseData, options: .allowFragments) as! [String: Any]

Synchronious requests

Only for methods with "Can be called synchronously" in docs

if let res = td_json_client_execute(client, dictToJSONString(request)) {
    let responseString = String(cString: res)
    let responseDict = JSONStringToDict(responseString)
    print("Response from TDLib \(responseDict)")

Async requests

let request = ["@type": "setTdlibParameters",
                "parameters": [
                    "database_directory": "tdlib",
                    "use_message_database": true,
                    "use_secret_chats": true,
                    "api_id": 94575,
                    "api_hash": "a3406de8d171bb422bb6ddf3bbd800e2",
                    "system_language_code": "en",
                    "device_model": "Desktop",
                    "application_version": "1.0",
                    "enable_storage_optimizer": true
                ] as [String : Any]

// Send request
td_json_client_send(client, dictToJSONString(request))

// Block thread and wait for response (not more 5.0 seconds)
if let response = td_json_client_receive(client, 5.0) {
   let responseString = String(cString: res)
   let responseDict = JSONStringToDict(responseString)
   print("Async response from TDLib \(responseDict)")

Destroy client on exit



You can find latest releases at Releases page.


You can find more about build process in Github Actions file.


  • ☐ Lib tests on watchOS simulator


  • Anton Glezman for Build Guide and basic implementation
  • Telegram Team for TDLib




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Release Notes


XCFramework based on TDLib-1.8.3 commit 9c9a74c5

ZIP Checksum 1211985d6f9c5ee6de5432fd0e11ab8734ec9afe59c21cb68de371aaad35fead

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