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What is this project for?


CTRating is a SwiftUI rating view that can be added to any SwiftUI view. It is customizable and provides you with a way to add a ratings component to your project.

The above example shows three different CTRating views added to a VStack. Each one with a different configuration and controlled independently.

YouTube Tutorial Video

This SwiftPackage was developed to demonstrate how to create a Swift package and submit it to a remote for use with Swift Package Manager.

The full turorial is available along with the starter project at



  • iOS 13.0+
  • Xcode 11.0+
  • SwiftUI


  1. From within Xcode 11 or later, choose File > Swift Packages > Add Package Dependency
  2. At the next screen enter https://github.com/StewartLynch/CTRating when asked to choose a Package repository
  3. Choose the latest available version.
  4. Add the package to your target.

Import CTRating

In the View where you are going to implement CTRating , type

import CTRating


CTRating is very easy to set up. Each rating component you add, requires a state variable that will increment or decrement as the user taps on one of the rating symbols

You would normally start by setting the default value to 0

@State var currentRating = 0


If you implement CTRating with the two default parameters, you will be presented with a rating control that uses a yellow star symbol. The number of stars is defined by the number you enter for maxRating and the value that will be updated is the state variable that you have defined for the control. The default width will be 30 pts each.

CTRating(maxRating: 5, currentRating: $currentRating)



You can customize the control by changing maxRating (number of symbols) as well as the width, color and two images ( openSFSymbol and fillSFSymbol ) that are used for your open and filled symbols. The image symbol names are strings that correspond to an SF Symbol.

Here is an example of a larger, 6 red heart control

CTRating(maxRating: 6,
         currentRating: $currentRating,
         width: 40,
         color: .red,
         openSFSymbol: "heart",
         fillSFSymbol: "heart.fill")



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