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SquidKit/Tentacles 8.2.1
SquidKit's networking library for iOS
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.package(url: "https://github.com/SquidKit/Tentacles.git", from: "8.2.1")

Tentacles: Networking stuff


SquidKit's networking library for iOS


Tentacles is a networking library for iOS, roughly based on the excellent and refreshingly simple Networking library by @3lvis.

Why Tentacles?

I started using the Networking library for my projects because I grew frustrated with my previous networking library of choice - Alamofire - which was constantly changing their API in breaking ways. I also felt that Alamofire was simply growing too complex. However, I soon realized that I was implementing common networking related tasks over and over. An example of this is response caching. So, I decided I wanted a networking library that had a built-in and robust caching model. There were other niceties I wanted (e.g. built-in reachability), along with a slight variant on the API structure that Networking offered. These changes were significant enough that a fork wouldn't do, so I started over - with Networking's model as a base - and came up with this.



Tentacles is still in beta. While it functions well, it is neither complete nor fully tested.

More to come soon...


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