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A Swift representation of money / monetary amounts and ISO 4217 currency designations. Supports manipulation and combination of monetary amounts of a single currency or multiple currencies.

Handles minor units (the exponent, e.g. cents for USD) for each currency as specified in the ISO 4217 standard. Simple manipulation includes consolidating / combining amounts.

MonetaryAmount values that have the same Currency will be added together, MonetaryAmount values with unique Currency values will be added to the result on their own.


Swift Package Manager

dependencies: [
   .package(url: "https://github.com/SoftwareEngineerChris/MonetaryAmount.git", from: "1.1.0")

Usage Example

let moneyA = 12.00.in(.USD)
let moneyB = 18.00.in(.USD)
let moneyC = 6.00.in(.GBP)

// result would equal [30.00.in(.USD), 6.00.in(.GBP)]
let result = [moneyA, moneyB, moneyC].consolidating(moneyB)

The underlying value for the amount is represented by a DynamicRoundedDecimal which itself uses the Swift Decimal type. DynamicRoundedDecimal handles rounding internally as declared by the given currency's minorUnit.


// moneyA and moneyB are equal and represent US$28.53
let moneyA = MonetaryAmount(currency: Currency.USD, value: Decimal(string: "28.529372")!)
let moneyB = 28.53.in(.USD)


MonetaryAmount does not do any FX or conversion of currencies, it keeps each individual currency subtotal separate.

See Also

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