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SetKu/Ztils 1.2.5
A collection of Swift helper utilities, classes, and protocols for the small things.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/SetKu/Ztils.git", from: "1.2.5")


Swift Xcode Platforms


A collection of Swift utilities to make working with the language and frameworks such as UIKit and SwiftUI easier.

This framework includes quick conveniences for working with often verbose interactions, such as setting up closures to adapt to dynamic type size on iOS. There is also a network manager to make quickly decoding a Codable type from a URL quick, painless, and easy. A set of protocols I have found particularily useful in structuring URL schemes can be found with the types URLSchemeHandler and URLSchemeCoordinator. Both types have corresponding documentation.

Some more recent additions I've been using are the ZTStorage property wrapper for interacting with UserDefaults (with app group support) and the Codable conformance for both UIColor and NSColor.

This framework is not intended for widespread use and is just a collection of utilities that I utilize in projects. I have not created every solution in this collection, and I have done my best to give proper credit where it is due. However, I may have accidentally missed a solution just given the pure quantity of information and sources one uses when developing.

Please note: When using this package you are required to have fun.


To install, simply add the repository URL as a package URL using the Swift Package Manager for your project. It should then pull down the source code automatically and expose it as a module to your project.


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