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Swift Package Manager support -

Xcode 12 compilation fix -

Update dependencies for compilation with Xcode 12.

About Xcode 12 support

A proper iOS / tvOS 14 release will be made later. Until then, we recommend you ship your application with Xcode 11.7 if you can. The library can be compiled with Xcode 12 but has not been fully tested yet.

If you still intend to use Xcode 12, note there is an issue with Carthage with a workaround available. The next official release we will deliver will support Xcode 12 and replace Carthage with SPM.

Maintenance release -

  • Fix framework tvOS archiving issue with Xcode 11.4.

Maintenance release -

Maintenance release -

  • Tolerance has been added to the interval with which data is synchronized.

tvOS compatibility -

  • The library is compatible with tvOS.
  • Semantic versioning has been adopted.
  • The project has been renamed as srguserdata-apple.

Maintenance release -

  • Removal of an Xcode 11 build workaround which is not required anymore.

iOS 13 support -

  • The project has been updated to support iOS 13 and Xcode 11.

Maintenance release -

This version updates the library dependencies.

Maintenance release -

This version updates the library dependencies.

Playlists and preferences -

  • Playlists and preferences can be managed through SRGPlaylists and SRGPreferences, instances of which are provided by SRGUserData. For logged in users, playlists and preferences are automatically synchronized across devices.
  • The history API and change notifications have been updated for consistency with the corresponding playlist and preference concepts.
  • The SRGUser history synchronization date has been replaced with a general synchronizationDate which encompasses all services supporting synchronization.
  • The discarded property of synchronizable objects has been removed.

First stable release -

  • This is the first production-ready version of SRG User Data. This library provides simple user data management using Peach user services. It is currently meant to work with RTS Hummingbird acting as a proxy to Peach, and only supports history information at the moment.