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Swift Package Manager and Catalyst support -

  • This release introduces Swift Package Manager (SPM) support, replacing Carthage entirely. To migrate your project please follow instructions for migrating to version 6 of our Letterbox library.
  • The library is compatible with Catalyst.
  • Swift packages can have several products. Our SRG Logger Swift companion framework is therefore again provided as part of SRG Logger directly (it was previously separated to avoid build issues depending on Swift compiler versions, but this is not required anymore). The corresponding repository will be deprecated.

Maintenance release -

This is a companion release for the associated Swift framework.

Swift extraction -

  • The Swift logger companion framework has been removed.
  • Swift projects should now use the Swift companion framework instead.

tvOS and watchOS compatibility -

  • The library is compatible with tvOS and watchOS.
  • Semantic versioning has been adopted.
  • The project has been renamed as srglogger-apple.
  • Compilation for iOS 13 and Xcode 11 without any significant warning.

Maintenance release -

  • This release fixes a few compilation warnings arising with recent Xcode versions.

Maintenance release -

  • This version does not introduce any particular change or fix.

Xcode 10 support -

  • The project can now be built with Xcode 10 and the iOS 12 SDK.

Fix iTunes Connect binary submission -

This release fixes a binary submission issue for applications delivered with bitcode.

Static framework integration -

Compatibility with application extensions -

The framework can now be linked against application extensions without linker warnings.

Update with Xcode 9.4 -

This version modernizes the project with Xcode 9.4.

Maintenance release -

This version modernises the project with Xcode 9.3.

Maintenance release -

This version modernises the project with Xcode 9 and updates the deployment target to iOS 9.

First release -

This is the first official release of the SRG SSRG logger library.