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The official SRG SSR media playback experience
.package(url: "https://github.com/SRGSSR/srgletterbox-apple.git", from: "7.0.0")

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Release Notes

Improved playlist support
11 weeks ago

Playlist support has been improved:

  • Letterbox implementation of a playlist namely lets implementations liberally choose how they store a cursor into a playlist. For this reason the SRGLetterboxControllerPlaylistDataSource protocol was reduced to item retrieval and cursor updates only.
  • The SRGLetterboxControllerPlaybackTransitionDelegate protocol has been introduced for methods related to playback transitions, which were previously part of the data source protocol.

If you were using SRGLetterboxControllerPlaylistDataSource in your apps proceed as follows to migrate your code:

  • If you were using -controller:didTransitionToMedia:automatically: to update the current item within your playlist data source implementation, use the new -controller:didChangeToMedia: data source method instead. If you were using this method to observe continuous playback transitions between medias you should now subscribe to the SRGLetterboxPlaybackDidContinueAutomaticallyNotification notification and / or implement SRGLetterboxViewDelegate (respectively SRGLetterboxViewControllerDelegate for tvOS) instead. Both protocols contain methods with which you can be informed whether a user engaged in continuous playback or cancelled it, while the notification lets you know when this transition happened automatically without user interaction (and maybe without any player view being displayed).
  • Continuous playback settings are still returned from the -continuousPlaybackTransitionDurationForController: method, which has been moved to the transition delegate protocol.

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