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A library to retrieve SRG SSR unified metadata

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tvOS result specialization - 2021-02-12T12:22:41


  • All requests on tvOS use the tvplay vector, which is used for big screen applications. Results may be tailored accordingly.

Updated requests

  • The most searched shows request can be optionally filtered by transmission. Only TV and radio are supported at the moment.
  • A default value of .none has been introduced for the media type in the shows(for:matchingQuery:mediaType:pageSize:) request.

Breaking changes

  • -mostSearchedShowsForVendor:withCompletionBlock: has been replaced with -mostSearchedShowsForVendor:matchingTransmission:withCompletionBlock:. The matchingTransmission: parameter as been added. The corresponding Swift Combine method parameter is optional.
  • -requestMostSearchedShowsForVendor: has been replaced with -requestMostSearchedShowsForVendor:matchingTransmission:.