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Akamai support improvement on iOS 11+ -

  • Compatibility with Akamai playlists has been extended for devices running iOS 11 and above.

Swift Package Manager and Catalyst support -

Maintenance release -

Fix framework tvOS archiving issue with Xcode 11.4.

Maintenance release -

tvOS compatibility -

  • The library is compatible with tvOS.
  • Semantic versioning has been adopted.
  • The project has been renamed as srgcontentprotection-apple.

Maintenance release -

Maintenance release -

This version updates the library dependencies.

Diagnostic report fix -

  • Diagnostic reports provide correct error information when resource loading failed.

Explicit content protection choice -

  • The SDK now requires client code to know in advance which kind of protection must be applied when creating the URL asset:
    • Akamai token protection: Use -[AVURLAsset srg_akamaiTokenProtectedAssetWithURL:options:].
    • FairPlay protection: Use -[AVURLAsset srg_akamaiTokenProtectedAssetWithURL:certificateURL:options:].
    • No protection: Use the standard -[AVURLAsset assetWithURL:].

Diagnostic report fix -

  • Diagnostic reports provide correct response information when requesting DRM certificate and content key.

Digital rights management update and Xcode 10 support -

  • AVURLAsset category methods expect a certificate URL instead of a license URL. The license URL was previously used to retrieve a certificate, which was misleading.
  • AVURLAsset convenience constructors with options have been added, mostly for diagnostics purposes at the moment.
  • SRGAkamaiToken has been made private. It namely makes little sense for client applications to retrieve the Akamai token directly, since proper handling requires a resource loader, which is why this library ultimately exists. Moreover, our standard Google Cast receiver now handles content protection directly. With no real use case for direct token retrieval, we decided it was simpler not to expose SRGAkamaiToken to clients anymore.
  • The project can now be built with Xcode 10 and the iOS 12 SDK.

Fix iTunes Connect binary submission -

This release fixes a binary submission issue for applications delivered with bitcode.

Initial release: Akamai and FairPlay DRM support -

The SRG Content Protection framework provides the required secrets to play Akamai token-protected and FairPlay-encrypted SRG SSR streams.