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Xcode crash fix -

This release packages resources differently to avoid Xcode crashing for some projects when attempting to run a unit test target.

Swift Package Manager and Catalyst support -

Breaking changes

  • Only custom SRGAppearanceFontTextStyle are now supported. System UIFontTextStyle styles are not supported anymore.

Improved color support -

  • Add alpha channel support in hexadecimal color representations.
  • Add fill color support when generating images from vector resources.

tvOS compatibility -

  • The library is compatible with tvOS.
  • New SRG SSR fonts.
  • Semantic versioning has been adopted.
  • The project has been renamed as srgappearance-apple.
  • Compilation for iOS 13 and Xcode 11 without any significant warning.

Maintenance release -

  • This release fixes a few compilation warnings arising with recent Xcode versions.

Maintenance release -

  • This version does not introduce any particular change or fix.

Xcode 10 support -

  • The project can now be built with Xcode 10 and the iOS 12 SDK.

Fix iTunes Connect binary submission -

This release fixes a binary submission issue for applications delivered with bitcode.

Static framework integration -

Update with Xcode 9.4 -

This version modernizes the project with Xcode 9.4.

Hexadecimal color support -

  • The +[UIColor srg_colorFromHexadecimalString:] method has been added, which makes it possible to create a color from a hexadecimal representation.
  • The SRGHexadecimalColorTransformer value transformer has been added for generic conversion needs.

Better blue color -

Fix the official blue color.

Add blue color -

A new official blue color has been added. This color is currently used in Play applications / Letterbox for notification purposes.

This version also modernises the project with Xcode 9.3.

Maintenance release -

This version modernises the project with Xcode 9.

Image processing -

A new image processing category has been added.

First official release -

This release mostly focuses on standard fonts and sizes depending on iOS settings.