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Mediapulse page views and improved TagCommander stream analytics -

Mediapulse page views

  • NetMetrix will be discontinued in January 2021. Page view measurements for official TV and radio audience measurements will be processed by Mediapulse through comScore. The SDK has been updated to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Your application should be updated to use this version of SRG Analytics so that it stays correctly tracked. No change is required in how you track page views.
  • (Breaking change) The comScoreVirtualSite configuration parameter has been renamed as siteName, as this value is now not related to comScore-tracking anymore. The value used for your application stays the same.
  • Hidden events are not sent to comScore anymore as they are not used by Mediapulse anyway.

TagCommander streaming analytics

  • Segment tracking has been made much simpler. No change is required in your application implementation.
  • Audio and subtitle track selection is now provided in streaming analytics.

Swift Package Manager support -

ComScore update for iOS and tvOS 14 -

  • The ComScore SDK has been updated to version 6.6.0 for correct tracking on iOS and tvOS 14.

Xcode 12 compilation fix -

Update dependencies for compilation with Xcode 12.

About Xcode 12 support

A proper iOS / tvOS 14 release will be made later. Until then, we recommend you ship your application with Xcode 11.7 if you can. The library can be compiled with Xcode 12 but has not been fully tested yet.

If you still intend to use Xcode 12, note there is an issue with Carthage with a workaround available. The next official release we will deliver will support Xcode 12 and replace Carthage with SPM.

Maintenance release -

  • Fix potential deadlock issue when playing content without comScore analytics labels.
  • Update SRG Media Player to version 5.0.1.

Improved DVR support -

  • Improve DVR support for users of SRGAnalytics_SRGDataProvider.framework.
  • Fix framework tvOS archiving issue with Xcode 11.4.

Maintenance release -

This release updates SRG Identity to version 2.0.2 and SRG Data Provider to version 7.1.0.

Containment tracking and user agent fix -

Container tracking

  • Proper built-in container tracking has been implemented, with support for all UIKit standard containers (UITabBarController, UIPageViewController, UISplitViewController and UINavigationController). This ensures that tracking is correctly made when the application returns from background or when the user changes the currently active tab.
  • Custom containers can implement the SRGAnalyticsContainerViewTracking protocol to achieve the same result.
  • If existing applications were implemented special behavior to support UIKit standard containers, they should simply remove the associated code to avoid sending more page view events than necessary (pages views should be tested again throughout the application before delivering an update to production).


  • A configuration parameter has been added to force analytics to be collected within the production or pre-production environments. This addresses very special needs, for example nightly distribution via TestFlight. In general, you should stick with the default automatic behavior, which determines the environment based on the application bundle.


  • Update comScore to version 6.2 to fix iTunesConnect submission issue due to UIWebView deprecation.
  • The TagCommander user agent was missing at startup. This made Mapp (previously Webtrekk) reports incorrectly report about Generic versions instead of the proper system version. This issue has been fixed.

tvOS compatibility and comScore v6 -

  • The library is compatible with tvOS.
  • The comScore SDK dependency has been updated to version 6.
  • Removal of the DRM playback preference.
  • Semantic versioning has been adopted.
  • The project has been renamed as srgmediaplayer-apple.

Maintenance release -

  • This release fixes a potential performance issue when retrieving subtitle information.

Maintenance release -

  • Add SRGAnalyticsDataProviderUserInfoResourceLoaderOptionsKey user information key for providing resource loader options when loading a media.

iOS 13 support -

  • The project has been updated to support iOS 13 and Xcode 11.
  • This version updates SRG Media Player to version 2.8, as well as SRG Data Provider to version 6.8, both with preliminary iOS 13 support as well.

Maintenance release -

Maintenance release -

iTunes Connect validation warning -

  • A warning reported by iTunes Connect when submitting binaries has been fixed.

SMDH suport -

  • Streaming measurements are now performed according to NetMetrix SMDH specifications.
  • SRGAnalyticsLabels does not provide labelsDictionary and comScoreLabelsDictionary properties anymore.
  • In unit testing mode, events can now be assigned to a common session identifier for easier tracking. This identifier can be renewed when needed.
  • The low-level SRGAnalyticsStreamTracker streaming tracking API has been removed. The library now supports streaming tracking for SRG Media Player only.
  • Playback methods which expected an AVPlayerItem object now expect an AVURLAsset object instead.
  • The framework footprint at application startup time has been reduced.

Maintenance release -

User and media playback source information -

  • SRG Analytics now provides an SRG Identity companion framework. If your application uses SRG Identity to connect to a user account, you should instantiate your tracker with -[SRGAnalyticsTracker startWithConfiguration:identityService:]. This ensures that an account identifier is then automatically added to measurements when a user is logged in.
  • SRGPlaybackSettings has an additional sourceUid property, which can be used to relate media playback events with a source, i.e. where the media which is played initially came from. This can for example be useful if the media being played was delivered by some system (e.g. a recommendation engine), provided it identifies the source (e.g. a recommendation list identifier) as a unique identifier.

Maintenance release -

  • This version updates SRG Data Provider to version 6.4.

Playback settings -

  • Playback settings have been collected in an SRGPlaybackSettings object, which now replaces the (usually long) parameter list of playback methods.

Support for additional hidden event values -

  • New extraValue1 to extraValue5 values have been added to hidden events and can be used to convey additional arbitrary information if needed.

Xcode 10 support and digital rights management update -

  • The project can now be built with Xcode 10 and the iOS 12 SDK.
  • Digital rights management has been updated to match new specifications.

Fix iTunes Connect binary submission -

This release fixes a binary submission issue for applications delivered with bitcode.

Digital rights management support -

This release mostly updates the SRGAnalytics_DataProvider.framework companion library for digital rights management support (DRM):

  • Playback methods from the SRGMediaPlayerController (SRGAnalytics_DataProvider) category have changed:
    • They now require a new DRM boolean parameter, specifying whether DRM should be used when available (otherwise default resource lookup will be performed based on the resource order).
    • An optional position to start at can be provided.
    • Methods do not return an SRGRequest anymore, merely a boolean. Resume parameters and completion handlers have been dropped accordingly.
  • Playback methods from the SRGMediaPlayerController (SRGAnalytics_MediaPlayer) category have changed:
    • An optional position to start at can be provided.
    • New convenience methods have been added.
  • SRGAnalytics_DataProvider.framework now has an explicit dependency on the new SRG Network and SRG Content Protection frameworks. Existing projects must add these dependencies to their targets after update with Carthage.
  • The resource lookup method from the SRGMediaComposition (SRGAnalytics_DataProvider) category now performs its work synchronously, calling a non-escaping closure to return it. A DRM boolean parameter has been added to its prototype as well.
  • Akamai token retrieval is now performed transparently by the SRG Content Protection framework. This fixes AirPlay instabilities previously associated with playback of Akamai-protected resources.
  • AVPlayerItem-based playback methods have been added to the SRGMediaPlayerController (SRGAnalytics_MediaPlayer) category for consistency.
  • Playback methods now support positions (SRGPosition). For the default position, simply use nil as position.
  • To mitigate slow application startups usually associated with a large number of dynamic frameworks being used, static framework integration with Carthage 0.30 and above is now supported.
  • A Makefile has been added to conveniently build and package the project.

Maintenance release -

This version updates dependencies the library relies on.

Update with Xcode 9.4 -

This version modernizes the project with Xcode 9.4.

Page view tracking fixes -

In some corner cases (e.g. view controller initially covered modally), some page view events were previously not correctly recorded. Such issues have been fixed, so that page view tracking is now reliable in all possible use cases.

Maintenance release -

This version updates SRG Media Player to version 2.4 and SRG Data provider to version 6.0.1.

Maintenance release -

This version updates SRG Media Player to version 2.3.2.

Maintenance release -

  • This version updates SRG Media Player to version 2.3.1 and SRG Data Provider to version 6.0.
  • The analytics player name (analyticsPlayerName) and analytics player version (analyticsPlayerVersion) labels associated with the player can be customised.