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SRGSSR/GoogleCastSDK-ios-no-bluetooth 4.7.1-beta.1
Repository for GoogleCastSDK no bluetooth XCFramework binaries
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.package(url: "https://github.com/SRGSSR/GoogleCastSDK-ios-no-bluetooth.git", from: "4.7.1-beta.1")

GoogleCastSDK-ios-no-bluetooth XCFramework

XCFramework binaries are currently not provided by Google. Until they are this repository provides XCFrameworks for versions we use at SRG SSR, with a Swift Package Manager manifest for easy integration in projects. Binaries are currently packaged for iOS, and downloaded from Google links.


Use Swift Package Manager directly within Xcode. You can also declare the library as a dependency of another one directly in the associated Package.swift manifest.


  1. Download the binary from the GoogleCastSDK manual setup, Dynamic without Guest Mode version.
  2. Unzip it and rename to GoogleCastSDK-ios-no-bluetooth.xcframework.
  3. Zip it: zip -r GoogleCastSDK-ios-no-bluetooth.xcframework.zip GoogleCastSDK-ios-no-bluetooth.xcframework -x "*.DS_Store" -x "__MACOSX"
  4. Move the zip file to this repository folder.

Make the XCFramework available

To make the framework available:

  1. Update the Package.swift in this repository with the framework version number.
  2. Run swift package compute-checksum GoogleCastSDK-ios-no-bluetooth.xcframework.zip and update the Package.swift in this repository with the new checksum.
  3. Commit the changes on master and create a corresponding tag.
  4. Push the commit and the tag to GitHub.
  5. Attach the binary to the tag on GitHub.

Do not commit the binaries in the repository, as this would slow done checkouts made by SPM as the repository grows.


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