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The Swift Compiler As a Package

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SDGSwift enables use of the Swift compiler as a package dependency.

השֹּׁלֵחַ אִמְרָתוֹ אָרֶץ עַד־מְהֵרָה יָרוּץ דְּבָרוֹ׃

He sends His command to the earth; His word runs swiftly.

―a psalmist


  • Compiler operations such as building and testing: SDGSwift, SDGXcode
  • Package Manager operations such as fetching and manifest loading: SDGSwiftPackageManager
  • Utilities for defining configuration files written in Swift (similar to package manifests): SDGSwiftConfiguration, SDGSwiftConfigurationLoading

Example Usage

let package = Package(
  url: URL(string: "https://github.com/apple/example\u{2D}package\u{2D}dealer")!
try package.build(.version(Version(2, 0, 0)), to: temporaryDirectory).get()


SDGSwift provides libraries for use with the Swift Package Manager.

Simply add SDGSwift as a dependency in Package.swift and specify which of the libraries to use:

let package = Package(
  name: "MyPackage",
  dependencies: [
      name: "SDGSwift",
      url: "https://github.com/SDGGiesbrecht/SDGSwift",
      from: Version(5, 1, 1)
  targets: [
      name: "MyTarget",
      dependencies: [
        .product(name: "SDGSwift", package: "SDGSwift"),
        .product(name: "SDGSwiftPackageManager", package: "SDGSwift"),
        .product(name: "SDGSwiftSource", package: "SDGSwift"),
        .product(name: "SDGXcode", package: "SDGSwift"),
        .product(name: "SDGSwiftConfiguration", package: "SDGSwift"),
        .product(name: "SDGSwiftConfigurationLoading", package: "SDGSwift"),
        .product(name: "SampleConfiguration", package: "SDGSwift"),

The modules can then be imported in source files:

import SDGSwift
import SDGSwiftPackageManager
import SDGSwiftSource
import SDGXcode
import SDGSwiftConfiguration
import SDGSwiftConfigurationLoading
import SampleConfiguration


The SDGSwift project is maintained by Jeremy David Giesbrecht.

If SDGSwift saves you money, consider giving some of it as a donation.

If SDGSwift saves you time, consider devoting some of it to contributing back to the project.

Ἄξιος γὰρ ὁ ἐργάτης τοῦ μισθοῦ αὐτοῦ ἐστι.

For the worker is worthy of his wages.



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Version 5.1.1 - 2021-02-18T23:07:41

Bug Fixes

  • Dependencies have been updated.