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Rspoon3/SFSymbols 2.5
All the SFSymbols at your fingertips.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/Rspoon3/SFSymbols.git", from: "2.5")


Build Status Swift 5.9 Swift Package Manager compatible License

All the SFSymbols at your fingertips.


SFSymbol are static variables that contain the identifier strings of all of apple's SFSymbols as well as which category they belong to and their availability.

You can iterate through all version compatible symbols by using the 'allSymbols' static variable.

for symbol in SFSymbol.allSymbols {

If you want symbols only in a certain SFCategory you can do so like this.

for symbol in  SFCategory.weather.symbols {

There are even common, human understandable names for symbols. Feel free extend SFSymbols in your own project for more common names.

public extension SFSymbol{
    static let share   = squareAndArrowUp
    static let refresh = arrowClockwise
    static let copy    = docOnDoc
    static let writing = squareAndPencil

@available(iOS 14, macOS 14.0, tvOS 14.0, watchOS 7.0, *)
public extension SFSymbol{
    static let edit    = rectangleAndPencilAndEllipsis
    static let filter  = lineHorizontal2DecreaseCircle
    static let sort    = arrowUpArrowDownCircle

Additionally, there are extensions multiple extension including UIImage, Image, Button, Label, and UIAction that enable easy use of any SFSymbol.


UIImage(symbol: .playCircle)


Image(symbol: .playCircle)
	Label("Sunset", symbol: .sunset)
	Label("Sunset", symbol: .sunset)
	Label("Sunset", symbol: .sunset, textColor: .orange)
	Button(symbol: .sunset){}
	Button("Sunset", symbol: .sunset){}
	Button("Sunset", symbol: .sunset, textColor : .orange){}


SFSymbols are a real treat from Apple. The one downfall however, it is a pain in the neck to look up exact symbol names. Take for example: "square.and.line.vertical.and.square.fill". That is a long string to remember and digging through the catalog of SF Symbols over and over gets tiresome.

Wouldn't it be easier if you could just use code completion?

Thats what this micro library aims to do. Additionally, this library includes relevant information on each symbol such as release info, category, and relevant search terms.


Swift Package Manager

Since Xcode integrated swift package manager natively into the IDE you can add SFSymbol simply by:

File-> Swift Packages -> Add Package Dependency...

when prompted to enter a package URL paste:


and click next & finish to automagically install SFSymbol through Xcode & SPM!


Don't want that additional third party dependency? Then just simply copy over the files into your project's appropriate folder!


Thanks to Nirma for the idea. This project was highly influence and based off of his SFSymbol package. I found that few things I would do differently and before I knew it, I had an offshoot of what he had already done that went in a different direction.

Contributing to this project

If there is something you wish to fix about the project, or wish to add any other kind of enhancements, propose to add to the project. Please feel free to send over a pull request or open an issue for this project.


SFSymbols is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.


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Last commit: 3 weeks ago
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Release Notes

3 weeks ago


  • Added symbols for iOS 16.4, 17.0, 17.1, 17.2 and their equivalent version on other platforms.
  • Updated SFCategories
  • Explicit tvOS support


  • Fixed missing version 2.4 CHANGELOG entry
  • Fixed SFCategory including a plist title
  • Fixed Swift Build badge in the README

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