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Common tools (extensions, libraries, styles etc) to be reused in multiple SWIFT projects


A set of common SWIFT extensions, struct and classes for general purpose. Just add https://github.com/Roberdan/RoberdanToolBox to your project via Swift Package Manager

struct CardActionButton: View struct SquishableButtonStyle: ButtonStyle cornerRadius: View extension RoundedCorner: Shape CircleToggleStyle: ToggleStyle HorizontalCheckmarkToggleStyle: ToggleStyle PowerToggleStyle: ToggleStyle VerticalPowerToggleStyle: ToggleStyle ImageToggleStyle: ToggleStyle rgbComponents, hsbComponents, htmlRGBColor, htmlRGBaColor, toHexString, toUint, toUint, codable, decodable: UIColor extensions MainClock: ObservableObject various date & time formatter into strings MainDebugger, debuglogs, debuglogs views for IoS and WatchOs Onboarding main classes etc


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