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Roberdan/PermissionsManagerSwiftUI 1.0
Permissions Manager for SwiftUI
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iOS macOS watchOS
.package(url: "https://github.com/Roberdan/PermissionsManagerSwiftUI.git", from: "1.0")

PermissionsManager Package for SwiftUI

(c) 2022 [email protected] for FightTheStroke Foundation (www.fightthestroke.org)

BSD-3 License

#Rely on latest SwiftUI Async Combine events

#Easy to use in your app: import PermissionsManager @StateObject private var permissionsManager: PermissionsManager = PermissionsManager.shared

init() {
        PermissionsManager.shared.personalize(appName: "App Name",
                                          supportEmail: "[email protected]",
                                          permissionsToHandle: [
                                            .notifications(isMandatory: true),
                                            .health(isMandatory: true),
                                            .criticalNotification(isMandatory: false),
                                            .speech(isMandatory: false),
                                            .microphone(isMandatory: false),
                                            .camera(isMandatory: false)

var body: View {
    if permissionsManager.canGoAhead {
} else {
    PermissionsManagerView(skippable: true)


#Expandable to new types is easy public class NewTypePermissionManager: PermissionManagerProtocol

#Localized in 17 languages


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Release Notes

1 year ago

Super easy to use Permissions Manager for iOS and WatchOS in SwiftUI

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