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iOS in-app subscriptions made easy. Receipt validation, status tracking, webhooks, and more.


😻 In-app Subscriptions Made Easy 😻

License Version Carthage compatible SwiftPM compatible


Purchases is a client for the RevenueCat subscription and purchase tracking system. It is an open source framework that provides a wrapper around StoreKit and the RevenueCat backend to make implementing in-app subscriptions in Swift or Objective-C easy - receipt validation and status tracking included!


Server-side receipt validation
➡️ Webhooks - enhanced server-to-server communication with events for purchases, renewals, cancellations, and more
🖥 macOS support
🎯 Subscription status tracking - know whether a user is subscribed whether they're on iOS, Android or web
📊 Analytics - automatic calculation of metrics like conversion, mrr, and churn
📝 Online documentation up to date
🔀 Integrations - over a dozen integrations to easily send purchase data where you need it
💯 Well maintained - frequent releases
📮 Great support - Help Center

Getting Started

For more detailed information, you can view our complete documentation at docs.revenuecat.com.


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