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Alamofire API Request by Combine framework
.package(url: "https://github.com/Rahul-Mayani/RRCombineAlamofireAPI.git", from: "1.0.0")


License: MIT iOS


Swift 5

Alamofire API Request by Combine framework





  1. Download and drop Source folder with files in your project.
  2. Add your API end point URL in your project.
  3. Congratulations!

SPM (Swift Package Manager)

In Xcode, use the menu File > Swift Packages > Add Package Dependency... and enter the package URL https://github.com/Rahul-Mayani/RRCombineAlamofireAPI.

Usage example

To run the example project, clone the repo, and run spm from the Example directory first.

/// Uses
let createCustomSession = Session()
let request =  RRCombineAlamofireAPI.shared
                  .setSessionManager(createCustomSession) //`Session` creates and manages Alamofire's `Request` types during their lifetimes.
                  .setHttpMethod(.get) // httpMethod: GET, POST, PUT & DELETE
                  .setURL("Your API URL")
                  .setHeaders([:]) // a dictionary of parameters to apply to a `HTTPHeaders`.
                  .setParameter([:]) // a dictionary of parameters to apply to a `URLRequest`.

request.subscribe(on: DispatchQueue.global())
    .receive(on: DispatchQueue.main)
    .sink { (completion) in
       switch completion {
       case .finished:
       case .failure(let error):
    } receiveValue: { (response) in
        /// The response of data type is Data.
        /// <#T##Here: decode JSON Data into your custom model structure / class#>

/// Example 1
/// Loader start
let userIds = [1, 2, 3]
    .setFailureType(to: Error.self)
    .flatMap { (values) -> AnyPublisher<[User], Error> in
        let tasks = values.publisher.flatMap { userId in
                                .map { $0 }
                                .decode(type: User.self, decoder: JSONDecoder())
        return Publishers.MergeMany(tasks).collect().setDeferred()
    .subscribeAndReceivedData { (allUsers) in
        print("Got users:")
        /// Loader stop

/// Example 2
/// Loader start
    .flatMap { response -> AnyPublisher<Data, Error> in
        let data = User.decodeJsonData(response)
        print(data?.username ?? "")
        return RRCombineAlamofireAPI.shared.setURL("https://jsonplaceholder.typicode.com/users/2")
                //.delay(for: .seconds(1), scheduler: RunLoop.main)
    .subscribeAndReceivedData { (response) in
        guard let data = response as? Data else { return }
        let user = User.decodeJsonData(data)
        print(user?.username ?? "")
        /// Loader stop

It's not part of SPM
////  subscribeAndReceivedData & Deferred as Publisher extension functions for reuse
extension Publisher {
    // MARK: - Subscribe And Received Data From Server -
    func subscribeAndReceivedData(_ qos: DispatchQoS = .background, data: @escaping((Any) -> ())) {
        subscribe(on: DispatchQueue( label: "rrcombine.queue.\(qos)", qos: qos, attributes: [.concurrent], target: nil))
            .receive(on: DispatchQueue.main)
            .sink { (completion) in
                switch completion {
                case .finished:
                case .failure(let error):
                    /// UIAlertController
                /// Loader stop
            } receiveValue: { response in
    // MARK: - Deferred -
    func setDeferred() -> AnyPublisher<Self.Output, Self.Failure> {
        Deferred { self }


We would love you for the contribution to RRCombineAlamofireAPI, check the LICENSE file for more info.


RRCombineAlamofireAPI is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.


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Alamofire API Request by Combine framework
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