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A Swift Package that implements a GitLab Runner custom executor for VMware Fusion
.package(url: "https://github.com/RLovelett/gitlab-fusion.git", from: "1.0.0-rc.1")


Continuous Integration (CI)

gitlab-fusion is a custom executor for GitLab Runner. This custom executor allows for the creation of a clean build environment from a known base state for every job executed by CI.

This custom executor integrates well with Console on Mac and the rest of the Swift ecosystem in an effort to provide easy development, debugging and integration on macOS.

NOTE: All guests MUST have the VMware Fusion guest additions installed and expose an SSH server.


macOS 10.13.x (High Sierra) or later is required as a host operating system. VMware Fusion host operating system support matrix can be found in KB: 2088571 - Supported host operating systems for VMware Fusion and VMware Fusion Pro. Fusion 11.5.x is known to work with this custom executor this is why macOS 10.13.x (High Sierra) is the oldest supported host operating system.

Additionally, gitlab-fusion has a runtime dependency on libssh. There are multiple ways to install libssh but the recommended way is through Homebrew. It is beyond the scope of this document to explain how to install libssh. Just ensure it is available on your runpath.


  • Debug: swift build
  • Release: swift build -c release

Command Line Usage

gitlab-fusion <subcommand> [OPTIONS]

It is a goal that the tool itself has adequate documentation in the help available at the point of usage. A good place to start is to simply run gitlab-fusion --help and see if the flag, option or argument is documented there.

The gitlab-fusion tool provides 4 subcommands config, prepare, run and cleanup. These subcommands are designed to be called by the corresponding custom executor stages of the same names.

Each subcommand accepts the configuration of the location of the VMware Fusion application and where the managed linked clones will be stored.

  • --vmware-fusion: Fully qualified path to the VMware Fusion application. (default: /Applications/VMware Fusion.app)

  • --vm-images-path: Fully qualified path to directory where cloned images are stored. (default: $HOME/Virtual Machines.localized)


This subcommand should be called by the config_exec stage.

This subcommand generates a properly formatted JSON string and serializes it to STDOUT. The keys of the JSON string are determined by the GitLab Runner custom executor API. While the values of the JSON are determined by the options provided by this step.

See gitlab-runner config --help for more detail on the options.


This subcommand should be called by the prepare_exec stage.

This subcommand is responsible for creating the clean and isolated build environment that the job will use.

To achieve the goal of a clean and isolated build environment this command must be provided the path to a base guest virtual machine. The prepare subcommand will then create a snapshot on base guest (if necessary) and then make a linked clone of the snapshot (if necessary).

The linked clone will also have a snapshot created. This snapshots will represent the clean base state of any job. Finally, the subcommand will restore from the snapshot and start the cloned guest.

Once the guest is started. The subcommand will wait for the guest to boot and provide its IP address via the VMware Guest Additions. Before signaling that the guest is working the prepare subcommand will also ensure that the SSH server is responding and that the supplied credentials work.

See gitlab-runner prepare --help for more detail on the options and arguments.


This subcommand should be called by the run_exec stage.

The run subcommand is responsible for executing the scripts provided by GitLab Runner in the prepared guest virtual machine.

Provided that the prepare stage has already been performed this command is safe to call multiple times.

See gitlab-runner run --help for more detail on the options and arguments.


This subcommand should be called by the cleanup_exec stage.

The cleanup subcommand is responsible for stopping the cloned guest virtual machine.

See gitlab-runner cleanup --help for more detail on the options and arguments.

Example Integration with GitLab Runner

It is well beyond the scope of this project to explain how to install and configure a GitLab Runner. There are existing guides on how to do that. Please follow one of them.

At a high level, to use this executor one must install GitLab Runner. Then register a custom executor with GitLab Runner. Then finally configure the custom executor to use gitlab-fusion.

That final step is where gitlab-runner needs to be told where the base VMware guest is located and be provided appropriate SSH credentials for that guest.

The excerpt below assumes that the gitlab-runner executable is located at /Users/buildbot/gitlab-fusion/.build/release/gitlab-fusion. Additionally that the base guest virtual machine is located at /Users/buildbot/base-macOS-10.15.7-19H2-xcode-12.0.0.vmwarevm/base-macOS-10.15.7-19H2-xcode-12.0.0.vmx. Your path is likely different and should be updated accordingly.

All of the arguments available to the config_args, prepare_args, run_args and cleanup_args should be located in the respective help of each subcommand.


    config_exec = "/Users/buildbot/gitlab-fusion/.build/release/gitlab-fusion"
    config_args = [

    prepare_exec = "/Users/buildbot/gitlab-fusion/.build/release/gitlab-fusion"
    prepare_args = [
      "--ssh-username", "buildbot",
      "--ssh-identity-file", "/Users/buildbot/Library/Application Support/me.lovelett.gitlab-fusion/id_ed25519",

    run_exec = "/Users/buildbot/gitlab-fusion/.build/release/gitlab-fusion"
    run_args = [
      "--ssh-username", "buildbot",
      "--ssh-identity-file", "/Users/buildbot/Library/Application Support/me.lovelett.gitlab-fusion/id_ed25519",

    cleanup_exec = "/Users/buildbot/gitlab-fusion/.build/release/gitlab-fusion"
    cleanup_args = [


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Release Notes

v1.0.0 — Release Candidate 1
34 weeks ago
  • Implemented a module, SecureShell, based on libssh that replaces the Shout/libssh2 dependency.
  • Capture stderr and redirect to GitLab Runner (#1).
  • Remove support for password based SSH authentication.
  • Provide initial documentation to get started (#2).

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