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RISCfuture/Slackmoji 1.1.0
A simple Swift library that converts between emoji and Slack shortcodes
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.package(url: "https://github.com/RISCfuture/Slackmoji.git", from: "1.1.0")


This library is a shortcode-to-Unicode converter for Slack emoji. It is able to convert between (e.g.) :heart: and ❤️. Note that Slack shortcodes can be different from shortcodes used by other software such as GitHub.


This library requires Swift Package Manager v5.3 or newer, since it uses bundled resources.


Simply include this repository in your Package.swift file and mark it as a dependency for your project. That will give you access to two functions:

import Slackmoji

let slackmoji = Slackmoji()
slackmoji.shortcodeToEmoji("heart") //-> ["❤️"]
slackmoji.emojiToShortcodes("❤️") //-> ["heart"]

Note that adding/removing the leading and trailing colons is your responsibility.

The plist data files

Slackmoji shortcodes are generated from this repository, which is included as a submodule. The Build Shortcode Plist file is an executable target that parses the emoji-data/build/data_emoji_names*.txt files and generates the property list file that is included as a bundled resource for this library.

To regenerate this plist file, simply run the Build Shortcode Plist target from the project root directory.


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