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Free macOS app for iOS view debugging.
.package(url: "https://github.com/QMUI/LookinServer.git", from: "1.0.0")


Lookin 可以查看与修改 iOS App 里的 UI 对象,类似于 Xcode 自带的 UI Inspector 工具,或另一款叫做 Reveal 的软件。 官网:https://lookin.work/

如果这是你的 iOS 项目第一次使用 Lookin,则需要先把 Lookin 的 iOS Framework 嵌入到你的 iOS 项目中,教程: https://lookin.work/faq/integration-guide/

如果你只想先大概体验一下 Lookin 的功能,则可以下载下面这个已经配置好的项目,直接编译运行即可使用 Lookin 查看: https://cdn.lookin.work/download/QMUI-Demo-1-0-0.zip

You can inspect and modify views in iOS app via Lookin, just like UI Inspector in Xcode, or another app called Reveal. Website:https://lookin.work/

To use Lookin, you need to embed the iOS Framework of Lookin into your iOS project. Tutorial: https://lookin.work/faq/integration-guide/

If you just want to take a glance, you can download the sample iOS project below which has been configured properly already to enable Lookin: https://cdn.lookin.work/download/QMUI-Demo-1-0-0.zip


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Release Notes

Update to 1.0.0
1 year ago

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  • 可查看 Autolayout 约束
  • 可查看 UIImageView 的 image 在项目里的文件名称
  • 可使用系统的“预览”程序查看或导出 UIImageView 的 image
  • 可查看和修改 UILabel、UITextField、UITextView 的 text 属性
  • 可查看和修改 UIVisualEffectView 的 style 属性
  • 如果你的项目使用了 QMUI,则可查看 qmui_outsideEdge 等一系列 QMUI 对象的属性

可搜索和过滤 View 可任意角度旋转图像,而非仅仅只能左右旋转 可查看和调试 UIView 的 Gesture Recognizer 可查看 UIControl 的 target/action 增加了测距功能,可以测量任意两个 view 之间的距离 在属性面板修改颜色时,可自定义色值 可右键导出一个 View 为图片文件 支持了旧版 macOS 10.13 系统 修复了一些 bug,优化了一些体验

除了 CoacoaPods 和手动集成两种方式外,新增了两种引入 LookinServer.framework 的方式:

Some new properties are added:

  • You can inspect constraints from AutoLayout.
  • You can inspect the name of the image in a UIImageView.
  • You can open the image in a UIImageView with "Preview" app.
  • You can inspect and modify "text" of UILabel, UITextField and UITextView.
  • You can inspect and modify "style" of UIVisualEffectView.
  • If you have imported QMUI framework in your project, you can inspect and modify some properties of QMUI objects.

Views can be filterd with the words you input. Preview image can be inspected in 360 angles. Gesture recognizer of a UIView can be inspected and modified. Target and action of a UIControl can be inspected. A feature called "Measure" is added to allow you to measure between two views. Any color value can be used when you modify color properties. A view can be exported to a png file. Old macOS 10.13 is supported. Some bugs are fixed.

Including using Cocoapods and integrating manually, new ways to integrate LookinServer are added:

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