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Q42/Q42Stats v1.0.1
Project to gather some statistics around how platform features are used
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.package(url: "https://github.com/Q42/Q42Stats.git", from: "v1.0.1")


Collect stats for Q42 internal usage, shared accross multiple iOS projects.


  1. Use the Swift package manager to add Q42Stats into your iOS project
  2. Implement your configuration and a SHA256 implementation (see reference implementations below)
  3. Include stats collection & submission in your AppDelegate/WindowSceneDelegate like so:
Q42Stats(options: .all)
  .collect(window: window, completion: Q42Stats.submit(configuration: .myApp))

Note: Make sure you have the correct consent from the user before you call .collect().

Swift Package Manager

Add this repo as a dependency through Xcode: https://github.com/Q42/Q42Stats.git

Reference implementations

Example configuration implementation

extension Q42Stats.Configuration {
  static let myApp = Q42Stats.Configuration(
    apiKey: "secret",
    firestoreCollection: "somecollection",
    minimumSubmitInterval: 60*60*24*7.5


The library is approximately 72 kB. The data usage is very modest. About 5 kB of data is sent. The impact that the data collection has on the performance of an app is negligible.

Data collected

Q42Stats does not collect personal data, the data collected can not be related to an identified or identifiable individual. It is good practice to inform users of data collection, consent is not required within European law. This has been verified by legal counsel.


Key Value Notes
Accessibility_isSwitchControlRunning boolean Control the device by a switch such as a foot pedal
Accessibility_isBoldTextEnabled boolean Improves the contrast of the letters against the background
Accessibility_isReduceTransparencyEnabled boolean Makes system windows, overlays and other transparent elements opaque or less transparent
Accessibility_isMonoAudioEnabled boolean Sends the left and right channels of stereo sound through both channels
Accessibility_isClosedCaptioningEnabled boolean Automatically activates closed captions for videos in the user’s preferred language when facilitated by the creator of the video
Accessibility_isDarkerSystemColorsEnabled boolean Increases the contrast between the various elements on the screen
Accessibility_isGuidedAccessEnabled boolean Limits a device to a single app and lets a user control which features are available. E.g. turned on when accidental gestures might distract a user
Accessibility_isAssistiveTouchRunning_with_isGuidedAccessEnabled string Accessibility_isAssistiveTouchRunning will only be the correct value if Accessibility_isGuidedAccessEnabled is true. See: Apple's developer documentation
Accessibility_uses_any_accessibility_setting boolean True if one or more accessibility settings are activated
Accessibility_isVoiceOverRunning boolean With VoiceOver—a gesture-based screen reader—you can use an iPhone even if you can’t see the screen. VoiceOver gives audible descriptions of what’s on your screen
Accessibility_isInvertColorsEnabled boolean Indicates whether the Classic Invert setting is in an enabled state
Accessibility_isSpeakSelectionEnabled boolean Allows text to be read aloud. When you select a piece of text, the option to have it read aloud appears
Accessibility_isShakeToUndoEnabled boolean Undoes the last text entry when the phone is shaken, making it easy to delete text. People turn off this option if there is a risk that they will activate it unintentionally
Accessibility_isSpeakScreenEnabled boolean Ensures that everything on the screen is read aloud when you swipe down with two fingers
Accessibility_isGrayscaleEnabled boolean Turn on black and white mode


Key Value Notes
Preference_daytime string Coarse estimation of time of day “day”, “night”, “twilight”. Returns “unknown” when user is not in Amsterdam TimeZone
Preference_UI_style string Indicate the interface style for the app “unspecified”, “light”, or “dark”
Preference_preferred_content_size string The preferred size of your content, more commonly known as the font-size. For a full list of possible values see Apple’s developer documentation


Key Value Notes
Screen_window_width integer Width of app’s viewport. This can differ from screen width when in split screen mode, for example
Screen_width integer Device’s screen width
Screen_display_gamut string The colorspace that is used, representing the colors that can be represented on screen. Possible values: “Uspecified”, “SRGB”, “P3”
Screen_device_idiom string Kind of User Interface being used, e.g. iPhone, iPad, Mac, AppleTV
Screen_zoomed boolean True if the entire screen or a part of the screen is magnified
Screen_in_split_screen boolean Indicates if apps are displayed in split screen mode
Screen_orientation string Indicates if device is in landscape or in portrait mode
Screen_scale string The natural scale factor associated with the screen. For Retina displays, the scale factor may be 3.0 or 2.0. For standard-resolution displays, the scale factor is 1.0


Key Value Notes
System_Dutch_region boolean Indicates if preferred language is dutch or the current region code is “NL”
System_Preferred_language string Language setting of the device e.g. nl, en, …
System_OS_major_version string Current version of the operating system in use e.g. 13, 14 or 15
System_model_name string A more human-readable model name of the device e.g. “iPad Pro”, “iPhone XR” or “iPhone 13”
System_model_id string Device model as a string. The format is something like “iPhone12,1” which stands for iPhone 11. Or "iPhone13,3" which stands for iPhone 12 Pro

Apple Pay

Key Value Notes
Apple_Pay_available boolean True if a user can make payments with Apple Pay
Apple_Pay_with_Maestro_available boolean True if maestro is available to make payments with


Key Value Notes
Watch_supported boolean Boolean value indicating if the current device supports watch connectivity
Watch_paired boolean True if an Apple Watch is paired


Key Value Notes
App_bundle_identifier string Identifier for the app for which data is collected


Key Value Notes
Stats_timestamp string
Stats_version string


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Last commit: 1 week ago
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Release Notes

1 year ago

Same release as 1.1, but with an extra .0 in the tag.

See: https://q42.slack.com/archives/C0110KEHS8M/p1657102091483999

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