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PredixMobileUIKit (Alpha)

The PredixUIKit is a framework designed to make building UI applications for Predix simple by providing a rich set of data visualization components that follow Predix Design System guidelines and common components meant to speed development when used with the Predix SDK for iOS.

PredixUIKit is not a port of the Predix Design System and does not override or change stock iOS UI elements. It is intended to enhance applications that use the Predix SDK for iOS with UI Elements that adhere to the Predix Design System guidelines and the Apple HIG.

Getting Started

The PredixMobileUIKit project uses Carthage package manager to manage it's dependencies.

Users should install Carthage, then once you've downloaded the PredixMobileUIKit repository, run the command: carthage update to download and build the required project dependancies before opening the project files in Xcode.

The PredixMobileUIKit repo includes a demonstration project: PredixMobileUIKitDemo. This project can show you usage of some of the PredixMobileUIKit provided views.


PredixUIKit Documentation


See Contributions documentation


GE Software Development License Agreement



Copyright 2017 GE Digital



Copyright 2016 Daniel Cohen Gindi & Philipp Jahoda

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0



The PredixMobileUIKit project uses the following tools in it's CI build process:


A tool to enforce Swift style and conventions

SwiftLint is maintained and funded by Realm Inc.

MIT licensed



Jazzy is a command-line utility that generates documentation for Swift or Objective-C

Jazzy is maintained and funded by Realm Inc.

MIT licensed



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v0.6 - Jan 18, 2018

  • Updated to use version 1.0 of the Predix SDK for iOS
  • Added integration points that allow the TimeSeriesView to work with the TimeSeriesManager from the Predix SDK for iOS

v0.5 - Dec 9, 2017

Updated to PredixSDKForIOS v0.8

v0.4 - Dec 5, 2017

  • Xcode 9.2 support
  • Added PredixAuthenticationView

v0.3 - Nov 20, 2017

  • Xcode 9.1 support

v0.2 - Oct 24, 2017

  • Added Circular progress view
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements