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Pisano/pisano-ios 0.2.0
📱 Pisano iOS SDK
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.package(url: "https://github.com/Pisano/pisano-ios.git", from: "0.2.0")

📱Pisano iOS SDK


Supported iOS Versions

Pisano iOS SDK supports iOS 10+ and Xcode 12 is required to build Pisano iOS SDK.

Installation Methods

Manual Installation

You can install Pisano iOS SDK in your mobile application by include xcframework library provided by Pisano. Please visit the following link to download the xcframework file. https://pisano-engineering.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/Feedback-CC.xcframework.zip


Alternatively, you can install Pisano iOS SDK via CocoaPods Cocoapods 1.10 or above is required to install Pisano. Add the Pisano pod into your Podfile and run pod install.

target :YourTargetName do 
  pod 'Pisano'

Swift Package Manager

Last method is Swift Package Manager. Add https://github.com/Pisano/pisano-ios as a Swift Package Repository in Xcode and follow the instructions to add Pisano as a Swift Package.


In order to use Pisano iOS SDK, you should add the following permissions in Info.plist file

Permission Key Value  
Camera Privacy - Camera Usage Description $(PRODUCT_NAME) camera use
Gallery Access Privacy - Photo Library Usage Description $(PRODUCT_NAME) photo use
Saving Photo to Gallery Privacy - Photo Library Additions Usage Description $(PRODUCT_NAME) photo save

How to use Feedback SDK

Booting Pisano iOS SDK

After adding the dependencies and permissions, you are now able to call the methods of Pisano iOS SDK.


import Feedback

Pisano.boot(appId: "", 
            accessKey: "",
            apiUrl: "",
            feedbackUrl: "")


#import <Feedback/Feedback-Swift.h>

[Pisano bootWithAppId:@""
                 eventUrl: nil];
Parameter Name Type Description
appId String The application ID that can be obtained from Pisano Dashboard
accessKey String The access key can be obtained from Pisano Dashboard
apiUrl String The URL of API that will be accessed
feedbackUrl String Base URL for survey

Show Method - V0.2.0


import Feedback

Pisano.show(mode: ViewMode.default
            title: nil,
            flowId: "",
            language: "",
            customer: ["email": "",
                       "name": "",
                       "phone": "",
                       "externalId": ""],
            payload: ["key" : "value", "key2":"value2"],
            completion: { closeStatus in
              print(closeStatus) // CloseStatus Enum
              print(closeStatus.description) // CloseStatus Enum Case Description


#import <Feedback/Feedback-Swift.h>

[Pisano showWithMode:ViewModeDefault
                  customer:@{@"email": @"[email protected]", @"externalId": @"123"}
                   payload:@{@"question": @"transactionAmount", @"answer": @"100.20"}
                completion:^(CloseStatus result) {
        CloseStatus status = result;
        NSLog(@"%ld", (long)status);
Parameter Name Type Description
mode Enum View Mode Enum to set presentation style (Default - BottomSheet)
title NSAttributedString The Navigation Bar Title
flowId String The ID of related flow. Can be obtained from Pisano Dashboard. Can be sent as empty string "" for default flow
language String Language code
payload Dictionary Question and related answer in an array (mostly uses for pre-loaded responses to take transactional data(s))
customer Dictionary Customer Properties
completion Closure CloseStatus Enum

Pisano Show Callback CloseStatus

Enum Name Description
CloseStatusClosed Closed Survey
CloseStatusOpened Opened Survey
CloseStatusSendFeedback Send Feedback
CloseStatusDisplayOnce Survey won't be shown due to the customer saw it before.
CloseStatusPreventMultipleFeedback Survey won't be shown due to customer already submitted a feedback in a given time period.
CloseStatusChannelQuotaExceeded Survey won’t be shown due to the channel quota limit has been exceeded.
CloseStatusOutside Others

Clear Method - V0.1.1

Clear all saved data related to feedback flows.


import Feedback



#import <Feedback/Feedback-Swift.h>

[Pisano clear:];


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