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PimCoumans/AnimationPlanner v0.4
Chain multiple UIView animations without endlessly nesting in completion closures.
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🕓 9 weeks ago
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The markdown parsing is broken/disabled for release notes. Sorry about that, I'm chasing the source of a crash that's been bringing this website down for the last couple of days.
v1.0.0 - Prime time!
6 weeks ago
- Removed any trace of old-style api, everything is result builders moving forward - Reorganized file structure. Clearer folder and filenames for all protocols and structs.
v0.9.3 - Result builders Phase 2
7 weeks ago
> **Warning**: **[breaking change]** The completion parameter has been removed for the`AnimationPlanner.plan` and `.group` methods. Read on how to set your completion handler AnimationPlanner now uses the new structs for all animations created through its API. Even the (now deprecated) `UIView.animateSteps` method results in a sequence animation handled by `Animate` and its friends. To keep tabs on running animations, the `RunningSequence` class can be used. It is returned from the `AnimationPlanner.plan` and `.group` methods. `RunningSequence` shows the current state, all animations added, but also has a `.stopAnimations()` method to stop the current and cancel queued animations. Use `onComplete(_ handler: (_ finished: Bool) -> Void))` on the returned `RunningSequence` to perform logic when the sequence completes (or is stopped). Because the class is returned when creating your animation sequence, adding a completion handler can be done just like with a trailing closure: ```swift AnimationPlanner.plan { // your animations }.onComplete { finished in print(“finished!”) } ```
v0.9.2 - SPM backwards compatibility
7 weeks ago
Added `Package@5.1.swift` supporting older swift versions
v0.9.1 - Logo and better readme
7 weeks ago
Designed a logo for the library, looks so much better now
v0.9.0 - New API
7 weeks ago
Adding functionality to use result builders to plan your animations, resulting in a cleaner looking experience. Phase 1 of this change introduces the new `AnimationPlanner.plan` API that lives alongside the current, or ‘old’ `UIView.animateSteps` method. Behind the scenes the result builder logic transforms the animations to the current implementation of actually performing these animations. - [**Phase 1**](https://github.com/PimCoumans/AnimationPlanner/pull/10): New result builder API, lives next to ‘old' API - **Phase 2**: Old API uses result builder structs behind the scenes - **Phase 3**: Deprecate old API and fully move over to result builder API
8 weeks ago
Introducing the `extra` step where preparations can be performed or side-effects handled (like triggering haptic feedback). More info in the docs and the complex animation in the sample app.
9 weeks ago
Introduces methods to add spring-based animations to your sequence. (also fixes the sample app referring to the package in the wrong location)
9 weeks ago
Improving documentation, creating documentation for the package itself and more in-depth example code.
9 weeks ago
Making sure no-op animations don’t skip delay and duration
9 weeks ago
Adding DocC support, and sample app from previous version. Changing the tag to three numbers, now everything should work well together.

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