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This project imports the Mosquitto C API client into Swift.

This package builds with Swift Package Manager and is part of the Perfect project and should not be manually cloned.

Ensure you have installed and activated the latest Swift 3.0 tool chain.

OS X Notes

Homebrew Installation

This project depends on mosquitto library. To install on mac OS, try command brew:

$ brew install mosquitto

PC File

A package configuration file is needed, for example, /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig/mosquitto.pc as below:

Name: mosquitto
Description: Mosquitto Client Library
Version: 1.4.11
Libs: -L/usr/local/lib -lmosquitto
Cflags: -I/usr/local/include

Please also export an environmental variable called $PKG_CONFIG_PATH:

$ export PKG_CONFIG_PATH="/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig:/usr/lib/pkgconfig"

Linux Notes

This project depends on Ubuntu 16.04 library libmosquitto-dev:

$ apt-get libmosquitto-dev

Further Information

For more information on the Perfect project, please visit perfect.org.


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1.0.0 - Mar 9, 2017