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Swift Package for PSPDFKitOCR

Swift Package for PSPDFKitOCR

Convert scanned PDF into machine readable documents.

PSPDFKitOCR quickly converts scanned documents into machine-readable text, unlocking full PDF functionality for the entire document.


PSPDFKit is commercial software. Contact our sales team here. See LICENSE for the evaluation license. By downloading and installing PSPDFKit, you accept the terms of this license. Once you signed a commercial license, register your app bundle identifier at customers.pspdfkit.com.

Getting Started

To get started with PSPDFKitOCR we suggest reading the Integrating PSPDFKit page located at the PSPDFKit Guides.

PSPDFKit is compatible with iOS 12, 13, and 14 and Xcode 12.0+.


For questions or to report issues, open a ticket on our support platform. Visit PSPDFKit.com for the latest news and tips.

Thanks, The PSPDFKit Team


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10.1.2 - 2021-01-13T13:45:58

  • Update for PSPDFKit 10.1.1 for iOS.