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NoeOnJupiter/M-S-VM Alpha
SwiftUI & MVVM Helper Library.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/NoeOnJupiter/M-S-VM.git", from: "Alpha")


This package is designed to simplify the development process of SwiftUI & the MVVM architecture.


  • CoreData support for structs;
  • CoreData Fetching support using Combine;
  • BaseView & BaseViewModel implementation making it easy to build reusable components;
  • A Bunch of helper extensions;
  • macOS & iOS shared Components like UNColor, UNImage, & UNView;
  • Image View for SwiftUI 4's PhotosPicker & Loading State;
  • Type Erased AnyImage making it easier to use Data, UNImage, & Image together;
  • DownsampledImage to reduce memory usage when loading High-Res images;
  • Easy ColorScheme support.

And Hopefully much more!


This Package is dedicated for SwiftUI, OS versions:

  • iOS 14.0+
  • macOS 11.0+
  • watchOS 7.0+

Note: I am working on adding SwiftUI 1 support. Note: Some features may not work for versions Preceeding SwiftUI 2.


To install this package, from Xcode's menu bar choose File -> Swift Package -> AddPackage Dependency... and paste the link https://github.com/NoeOnJupiter/M-S-VM.


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