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Pure Swift BDD framework

What can it do?

Runs the set up hooks (before, after) and also the tests.


It can do these:

let love = false

expect(love).to.beTrue() // fails
expect(love).to.beTrue().toFail() // expected failure

let dock: [Icon] = ["📔", "🎵", "📷"] // real apps!

let shopping = ToDo("Buy milk")
let todos: [ToDo] = [ shopping ]

and also these:

expect(42) == 42
expect(42) != 2017

// Also, the above works for values wrapped in Optional
let optional: Int? = 42
expect(optional) == 42

expect(["an array"]).to.beEmpty()
expect(["an array"]).to.contain("another array")

More matchers coming soon!

What it cannot do?

Async Tests

Nope. Not these. Not now.



Swift Package Manager

Include it as a dependency in the Package.swift file:

let package = Package(
    name: "Your Package",
    dependencies: [
        .Package(url: "https://github.com/NicholasTD07/spec.swift.git", majorVersion: 1),


Add this line to your Cartfile:

github "NicholasTD07/spec.swift" ~> 1.0.0

Testing with spec.swift

import XCTest
import spec

func testCat() {
    describe("Cat") {
        var cat: Cat!

        $0.before { cat = Cat() }

        $0.it("did not eat") { expect(cat.actions).to.beEmpty() }

        $0.context("when being fed") {
            $0.before { cat.feed(.fish) }
            $0.it("eats") { expect(cat.actions).to.contain(.eat(.fish)) }
            $0.it("meows") { expect(cat.actions.last) == .meow }

        $0.after { cat.sleep() }

        $0.it("did not sleep") { expect(cat.actions).to.beEmpty() }

class SomeTests: XCTestCase {
    func testExample() {

    static var allTests = [
        ("testExample", testExample),

Note: the order of execution

For each example (created by calling it), spec.swift will call all the before blocks before the it block (within the same describe method call).

Try it out

  1. Clone this repo
  2. Have Swift 3 installed (if you haven't already got it - you should)
  3. cd into this repo's path
  4. swift test

You should see something like this.

18 examples, 5 failed (5 expected), 13 passed.

This is proof for all the setup, teardown and also the tests are run. Also the test result reporter is working properly.

You can also add or change the tests in the specTests.swift file.

Git workflow

I'd like to keep the branch/history graph as simple as it can be. So,

only merge branches with "Rebase and merge" option. OR,

do it in cli with git merge --ff-only feature-branch


spec.swift is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.


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1.3.0 - Jun 12, 2017

Now when you do swift test with spec.swift and if there are failing tests, your tests will end with an exit status code 1. The added failing status code should make CIs correctly report failing tests.

1.2.0 - May 11, 2017


v1.1.0 - May 10, 2017

expect([0]) == [0] // also works if the array in `expect` is optional

v1.0.0 - May 10, 2017

  • describe
  • context
  • before
  • it
  • after
  • expect
  • Matchers
  • Test Result reporter with dot style