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NewChromantics/PopH264.swiftpackage 1.3.41
PopH264 releases that can be installed with SwiftPackageManager
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🕓 1 year ago
iOS macOS
.package(url: "https://github.com/NewChromantics/PopH264.swiftpackage.git", from: "1.3.41")

PopH264 Swift Package

This repository is a release/build repositor for use with xcode & Swift Package Manager for PopH264

This is currently manually maintained.

Discovered that the binary target can be a zipped url, which can come from github releases.

  • Need to generate checksum; https://developer.apple.com/forums/thread/655951
    • swift package compute-checksum some.xcframework.zip
  • todo: auto generate [future] url & checksum in PopH264's github action and then can have Package.swift in the Poph264 repository?


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