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Nef10/swift-dependency-updater v0.0.7
A tool to update swift package manager dependencies
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.package(url: "https://github.com/Nef10/swift-dependency-updater.git", from: "v0.0.7")


CI Status License: MIT Latest version platforms supported: linux | macOS

The Swift Dependency Updater is a tool to automatically update dependencies of your swift package manager projects. Unlike swift package update it also checks if there are updates which require adjustments for the versions specified in the Package.swift file.



mint install Nef10/swift-dependency-updater

Swift Package Manager

git clone https://github.com/Nef10/swift-dependency-updater.git
cd swift-dependency-updater
swift run swift-dependency-updater



Update dependencies:

swift-dependency-updater [update] [<folder>] [--keep-requirements]

List all dependencies and possible updates:

swift-dependency-updater list [<folder>] [--exclude-indirect] [--updates-only]


Run swift-dependency-updater --help for a full list of supported commands, and swift-dependency-updater help <subcommand> for detailed help on a specific command.


Thanks to the swift-argument-parser you can generate autocompletion scripts via swift-dependency-updater --generate-completion-script {zsh|bash|fish}. The exact command for your shell may vary, but for example for zsh with ~/.zfunctions in your fpath you can use:

swift-dependency-updater --generate-completion-script zsh > ~/.zfunctions/_swift-dependency-updater


The swift-dependency-updater can automatically create pull requests on GitHub for each outdated dependency by running swift-dependency-updater github [<folder>] [--keep-requirements]. This requires that a valid GitHub token is in the TOKEN environment variable as well as that git in checked out folder is authenticated (meaning git push will run sucessfully).

While this can be ran locally, it is mostly intended to run via GitHub Actions. The only problem is that a push or a pull request created by an action will not trigger action runs itself, meaning that your CI will not run on a PR created by this command by default. There are certain workarounds available. I recommend creating a GitHub App to create tokens as it provides the best security.

Once this is done, you can create the action by using the following actions file and place it for example under .github/workflows/swift-dependency-updater.yml in your repository:

name: Swift Dependency Updater

    - cron:  '17 10 * * 5' # Run every Friday at 10:17 UTC
  workflow_dispatch: # Allows to manually trigger the script

permissions: # The workflow does not need specific permissions as we use a different token
  contents: read

    name: Update Swift Dependencies
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest # The action supports macOS-latest as well
    - name: Generate token
      id: generate_token
      uses: tibdex/[email protected]
        app_id: ${{ secrets.APP_ID }} # These two secrets need to be added
        private_key: ${{ secrets.APP_PRIVATE_KEY }} # to your repository settings
    - name: Checkout code
      uses: actions/checkout@v2
        path: repo
        fetch-depth: 0 # Fetching the whole repo is required to check if branches already exist
        token: ${{ steps.generate_token.outputs.token }} # Checkout repo pre-configured with right token
    - name: Install Swift
      uses: swift-actions/setup-swift@v1
    - name: Checkout swift-dependency-updater
      uses: actions/checkout@v2
        repository: Nef10/swift-dependency-updater
        path: swift-dependency-updater
        ref: main # specify a version tag or use main to always use the latest code
    - name: Run swift-dependency-updater
      run: cd swift-dependency-updater && swift run swift-dependency-updater github ../repo
        TOKEN: ${{ steps.generate_token.outputs.token }} # Required to open the Pull Requests


Currently dependencies specified with either .branch(_ name:) or .revision(_ ref:) are not supported.


The tool was inspired by vintage, spm-dependencies-checker, and swift-package-dependencies-check.


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Release Notes

0.0.7 Single Platform Dependencies
1 year ago

📈 Enhancements

  • Output warning instead of fail if a dependency could not be found (most likely do to the dependency only being required on one platform) @Nef10 (#104, #105)

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