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Naturally-Inviting/swift-tca-custom-alert 0.2.0
Custom modals and alerts using SwiftUI and TCA!
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🕓 4 weeks ago
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.package(url: "https://github.com/Naturally-Inviting/swift-tca-custom-alert.git", from: "0.2.0")


📝 Description

This package allows for custom alert presentation with The Composable Architecture from Point-Free.


Install in Xcode as a package dependency.

  1. From the File menu, select Add Packages...
  2. Enter https://github.com/Naturally-Inviting/swift-tca-custom-alert into the package URL field.


To create an alert, you need to have a store which can scope the changes of CustomTcaAlert.State and CustomTcaAlert.Action. Then pass in a view as the alert content.

import TCACustomAlert

struct MyView: View {
    let store: StoreOf<MyFeature>

    var body: some View {
        VStack {
                state: \.alertState,
                action: \.alert
            content: {
                VStack(spacing: 16) {
                    Button("Dismiss", action: { store.send(.alert(.dismiss)) })


This demo application can be accessed via TCACustomAlert.xcworkspace.

Presentation Demo

🏎️ Road Map

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  • ☐ Accessibility


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Release Notes

Initial release
1 year ago

A small library for presenting custom alerts using SwiftUI and The Composable Architecture (TCA).

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