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NIORedis: A Redis Driver built on SwiftNIO

NOTE: This this is written against SwiftNIO 2.0, and as such requires Swift 5.0!

This is to take advantage of the Result type in the DispatchRedis module, and to stay ahead of development of the next version of SwiftNIO.

import NIORedis

let elg = MultiThreadedEventLoopGroup(numberOfThreads: 1)
let driver = RedisDriver(ownershipModel: .external(elg))

// connections

// passing a value to 'password' will automatically authenticate with Redis before resolving the connection
let connection = try redis.makeConnection(
    hostname: "localhost", // this is the default
    port: 6379, // this is the default
    password: "MY_PASS" // default is 'nil'

// convenience methods for commands

let result = try conneciton.set("my_key", to: "some value")
    .then { return connection.get("my_key")}
print(result) // Optional("some value")

// raw commands

let keyCount = try connection.command("DEL", [RESPValue(bulk: "my_key")])
    .thenThrowing { response in
        guard case let .integer(count) else {
            // throw error
        return count
print(keyCount) // 1

// cleanup

    .thenThrowing { try redis.terminate() }
    .whenSuccess { try elg.syncShutdownGracefully() }

RESPValue & RESPValueConvertible

This is a 1:1 mapping enum of the RESP types: Simple String, Bulk String, Array, Integer and Error.

Conforming to RESPValueConvertible allows Swift types to more easily convert between RESPValue and native types.

Array, Data, Float, Double, FixedWidthInteger, String, and of course RESPValue all conform in this package.


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