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A non-blocking Swift driver for Redis built with SwiftNIO.

This package defines everything you need to work with Redis through the Redis Seralization Protocol (RESP).


To install NIORedis, just add the package as a dependency in your Package.swift

dependencies: [
    .package(url: "https://github.com/Mordil/nio-redis.git", .upToNextMinor(from: "0.7.0")

and run the following command: swift package resolve

Getting Started

NIORedis is ready to use right after installation.

import NIORedis

let connection = Redis.makeConnection(
    to: try .init(ipAddress: "", port: 6379),
    password: "my_pass"

let result = try connection.set("my_key", to: "some value")
    .flatMap { return connection.get("my_key" }

print(result) // Optional("some value")


Check out CONTRIBUTING.md for more information on how to help with NIORedis.

It is highly recommended to use Docker to install Redis locally.

docker run -d -p 6379:6379 --name nioredis redis:5

Otherwise, install Redis directly on your machine from Redis.io.


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0.7.0 - May 2, 2019

Breaking Changes

  • Static factory methods for building a default Redis Channel pipeline and RedisConnection have been moved to a new Redis enum namespace (https://github.com/Mordil/nio-redis/pull/38)
    • Their method signatures have also seen some changes
  • Encoding / Decoding RESP has been separated from the Channel pipelines (https://github.com/Mordil/nio-redis/pull/39)
    • RESPTranslator is a new type that implements the encoding/decoding of RESP formatted bytes to Swift types
    • RESPDecoder has been renamed to RedisByteDecoder and is just a ByteToMessageDecoder
    • RESPEncoder has been renamed to RedisMessageEncoder and is just a MessageToByteEncoder
  • Error handling is now more straight forward (https://github.com/Mordil/nio-redis/pull/37)
    • RedisError is to represent only errors returned by Redis itself in command responses
    • NIORedisError represents errors thrown within the library
    • RESPTranslator.ParsingError represents errors thrown while parsing bytes
  • RedisPipeline has been removed (https://github.com/Mordil/nio-redis/pull/36)
    • This feature may be re-introduced in the future, but for now is left up to higher level packages to implement
  • RESPValue now holds references to ByteBuffers rather than Data (https://github.com/Mordil/nio-redis/pull/34)
  • Foundation.Data is no longer RESPValueConvertible (https://github.com/Mordil/nio-redis/pull/30)


  • RedisConnection now has a property sendCommandsImmediately that controls the timing of when commands written to the network socket should be flushed and sent to Redis. (https://github.com/Mordil/nio-redis/pull/36)
    • The default is true, which means every command will trigger a flush.
  • RESPValue now has the following computed properties converted from the underlying storage (https://github.com/Mordil/nio-redis/pull/30/, https://github.com/Mordil/nio-redis/pull/34):
    • bytes: [UInt8]?
    • data: Data?
    • string: String? (this isn't new, but now also works with .integer storage instances)

Implementation Changes

  • SwiftLog has been anchored to version 1.0.0
  • RESPTranslator now uses ByteBufferViews and ByteBufferSlices internally, so there should be a performance increase (https://github.com/Mordil/nio-redis/pull/34)

0.6.0 - Mar 28, 2019


Much of the exposed types in the library were wordy, unclear, or not fulfilling strong use cases - so a revisit was done to the foundational protocols: RedisCommandExecutor, RedisConnection, RedisPipeline - as well as their implementations and RedisDriver.

Breaking Changes

  • RedisCommandExecutor is now RedisClient (https://github.com/Mordil/nio-redis/pull/24)
  • RedisConnection is no longer a protocol (https://github.com/Mordil/nio-redis/pull/24)
    • NIORedisConnection has taken the name to act as the primary concrete implementation for Redis connections
      • the isClosed property has been renamed to isConnected
  • RedisPipeline is no longer a protocol (https://github.com/Mordil/nio-redis/pull/26)
    • NIORedisPipeline has taken the name to act as the primary concrete implementation for Redis pipelines
  • RedisDriver is no longer a thing (https://github.com/Mordil/nio-redis/pull/25)
    • Connections are now made with a static method on RedisConnection


  • RedisConnection.close() has had some tweaks to resolve a state where closing a connection results in error and the QUIT command could not be sent (https://github.com/Mordil/nio-redis/pull/24)

0.5.0 - Mar 25, 2019


The goal of this release was to bring feature parity with Vapor's Redis implementation and to have as Swifty of an API as possible, with consistent documentation and minimal performance impact.

Breaking Changes

  • Every command extension has the @inlinable attribute to remove method call overhead as much as possible
  • Every existing command extension up to this point has been re-evaluated with the function names, parameter labels, and return types.

New Additions

  • EventLoopFutures resolving RESPValue now have an extension method that can convert to a type you desire or fail with a RedisError: .mapFromRESP(to:) (https://github.com/Mordil/nio-redis/commit/5a35a918aeebb85fb7c069bb2e330fefcb52ca93)
  • New convenience command methods
    • strings (https://github.com/Mordil/nio-redis/pull/18)
      • mget, mset, msetnx, incr, incrby, incrbyfloat, decr, decrby
    • hashes (https://github.com/Mordil/nio-redis/pull/19)
    • lists (https://github.com/Mordil/nio-redis/pull/20)
      • except blocking
    • sorted sets (https://github.com/Mordil/nio-redis/pull/21)
      • except blocking

0.4.0 - Mar 19, 2019

Breaking Changes

  • Removed DispatchRedis package (https://github.com/Mordil/nio-redis/commit/5c32b97a0c5cd3e560dd2a7d465b51686915b62a)
  • RedisConnection and RedisPipeline have become protocols. The default implementations have been renamed to NIORedisConnection and NIORedisPipeline (https://github.com/Mordil/nio-redis/commit/6b30127f6b7a3f75cdbeca8f426fe9260bdbe370)
  • The select(_:) command convenience method has been renamed to select(database:) (https://github.com/Mordil/nio-redis/commit/6b30127f6b7a3f75cdbeca8f426fe9260bdbe370)
  • RedisPipeline.enqueue(command:arguments:) has been renamed to RedisPipeline.enqueue(operation:) which is now a closure that provides a RedisCommandExecutor so all of the command convenience methods are made available. (https://github.com/Mordil/nio-redis/commit/6b30127f6b7a3f75cdbeca8f426fe9260bdbe370)
    • Commands are still queued and not executed immediately.
  • RedisConnection.command(_:arguments:) is no longer supported (https://github.com/Mordil/nio-redis/commit/6b30127f6b7a3f75cdbeca8f426fe9260bdbe370)

New Additions

  • swift-log is now added, and default logging implementations have been added (https://github.com/Mordil/nio-redis/commit/73d5930f3413f944c9c209d4e0b276a915f7f34b)
    • Most logging is done with debug
    • Each logging instance can be overridden in constructors of objects that log
    • Each logger uses a NIORedis. prefix in their label
  • RedisCommandExecutor protocol that creates an interface for objects responsible for sending commands (https://github.com/Mordil/nio-redis/commit/6b30127f6b7a3f75cdbeca8f426fe9260bdbe370)
    • NIORedisConnection and NIORedisPipeline both conform to this protocol
  • RESPConvertible conformance to Optional (https://github.com/Mordil/nio-redis/commit/618481fe1eae8208e5d160eba2ecce6978dd606f)
  • New command convenience methods (https://github.com/Mordil/nio-redis/commit/9f505be4d2a16c441d9a2b1d7266a04b4106bfaf)


  • NIORedisConnection.close() to send a "QUIT" command to Redis before closing, and properly checking if the connection has been closed already (https://github.com/Mordil/nio-redis/commit/68254519636bbcd3b882e4b4f63d8cbf2b3e3fb1)

0.3.0 - Mar 14, 2019